Top 11 ZoomInfo Competitors & Alternatives For Sales Intelligence in 2024

Are you using ZoomInfo for sales engagement or lead generation but feel it’s falling short in certain areas?

Published on: July 2, 2024 |


Top 11 ZoomInfo Competitors & Alternatives For Sales Intelligence

Are you using ZoomInfo for sales engagement or lead generation but feel it’s falling short in certain areas? 

The steep pricing, occasional data inaccuracies, or lack of product innovation make you consider alternatives. While ZoomInfo is a well-known name in sales intelligence, according to CBInsights, it hasn’t exactly been on top of its game.

If any of these situations resonate with you, know that you’re not alone. Many businesses are seeking ZoomInfo competitors and alternatives that better align with their specific needs and goals.

To assist you in this process, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of the top 11 ZoomInfo competitors and alternatives. Our analysis compares these solutions across pricing, features, advantages, and potential drawbacks, empowering you to identify the option that best suits your sales requirements.

Why consider alternatives to ZoomInfo?

Whether it’s the steep pricing, the stagnant product innovation, or the data accuracy, sales executives and decision-makers are considering alternatives to ZoomInfo. Here are the key reasons we found driving the shift away from ZoomInfo:

1. Limited data coverage: ZoomInfo’s database primarily focuses on US/Canadian markets, with reported inaccuracies for other regions like Europe and APAC. Additionally, users highlighted that ZoomInfo’s database lacked data coverage for SMEs.
2. Very steep pricing: ZoomInfo’s pricing plans are quite expensive, starting at $15,000 per year according to user claims, placing them well above their competitors.
3. Data inaccuracy: While ZoomInfo boasts a high level of data precision, user experiences paint an entirely different picture.
4. Lacks pricing transparency: Pricing plans from ZoomInfo can get complicated due to the considerations you need to make for additional credits and add-ons. Moreover, they are only provided after sales calls, lacking upfront transparency.
5. Paid data add-ons: ZoomInfo’s plans, which cost thousands monthly, still require users to purchase expensive add-ons and data credits to unleash the database’s full potential, frustrating users with incremental costs. Plus, there are limitations in place on monthly searches, exports, and downloads.
6. Steep learning curve: ZoomInfo’s feature-rich platform presents a steep learning curve, hindering rapid sales team enablement.

With the major pain points of ZoomInfo out the way, let’s go over how we put our list together for you.

Real User Experiences: Insights on ZoomInfo from Verified Reviews

I’m frustrated by the restricted views for contacts within ZoomInfo. The limitations placed on accessing and viewing contact information hinder the ability to thoroughly explore and analyze potential leads, ultimately restricting the effectiveness of prospecting efforts.

Karen D.

Outside of the US, the data quality significantly deteriorates, causing numerous operational challenges for our business. Additionally, their legal practices and policies seem more predatory than customer-centric. The auto-renewal process, for instance, is enforced without genuine, clear communication, placing the onus solely on the customer.

Michal K.

After running a fairly sizeable set of emails through Neverbounce and manually looking through the results, I spotted an unreasonably large number of throwaway emails. The percentage is exceeding 5%, which is enough to be very problematic for our email campaigns. When evaluating the domains manually, nearly each of these domains is returning a result that the domain is a Throwaway domain.

Verified User in Information Technology and Services

How We Analyzed and Selected the Top ZoomInfo Competitors & Alternatives

Our process of curating this list of ZoomInfo competitors involves thorough research and evaluation of sales intelligence platforms. As a part of this process, we have analyzed over 30 sales intelligence solutions, comparing their reviews and ratings on trusted platforms like G2 and Capterra.

We have shortlisted the top 11 solutions based on pricing models, intent data, user experience, data accuracy, and integration with other CRMs. In this blog, we offer valuable insights to help you make informed decisions and boost your sales processes.

Detailed Comparison of the Top 11 ZoomInfo Competitors & Alternatives in 2024

Sales Intelligence SoftwareBest-Suited Business Type
(By Pricing Tiers)
Key HighlightsPricing Plans
Clodura.AI Logo1. Startups
2. Small-scale businesses
3. Mid-sized companies
1. 95% Data Accuracy
2. Worldwide Data Coverage
3. Real-Time Email Verification
4. Buyer Intent Data
5. Email Analytics
6. CRM Cleanup API
7. Org Charts
8. Technology Install Base Data
9. Data Enrichment
10. Website form Enrichment API
11. AI Writer
1. Free- $0
2. Solo- $9
3. Prospect- $39
4. Prospect Pro- $69
UpLead1. Startups
2. Small-scale businesses
3. Mid-scale businesses
1. Technographic Filters
2. Data Enrichment
3. List Building
4. CRM Integration
1. Free- $0
2. Essentials- $99
3. Plus- $199
4. Professional- Custom Pricing Plan for large organizations
Cognism1. Mid-scale businesses
2. Enterprises
1. Targeted List Building
2. List Cleansing & Enrichment
3. Lead Validation
1. Custom Pricing Plan.
apollo logo1. Startups
2. Small-scale businesses
3. Mid-scale businesses
4. Enterprises
1. CRM Integration
2. AI-Writer
3. Email Automation
4. Email Tracking
1. Free- $0
2. Basic- $59
3. Professional- $99
4. Organization- $149
Lusha1. Startups
2. Small-scale businesses
3. Mid-sized companies
4. Enterprises
1. Lead Monitoring
2. Chrome Extension
3. CRM Integration
4. Behavior Tracking
1. Free- $0
2. Pro- $49
3. Premium- $79
4. Scale- Custom Pricing Available

1. Startups
2. Small-scale businesses
3. Mid-sized companies
4. Enterprises
1. Real-Time Data Enrichment
2. Intelligent Lead Search and Discovery
3. Automated List Building
1. Free- $0
2. Basic- $0
3. Pro- Custom pricing available
4. Enterprise- Custom Pricing Available
Lead4111. Startups
2. Small-scale businesses
3. Mid-sized companies
4. Enterprises
1. CRM Integration
2. Lead Enrichment API 
3. Intelligent Company Event Triggers
1. Free- $0
2. Basic+Unlimited- $99
3. Enterprise Limited- Custom Pricing Available
SalesIntel.io1. Mid-scale businesses
2. Enterprises
1. Firmographic Filters
2. Technographic Data Points
3. AI-driven Data Enrichment
1. Individual- $69
2. Teams- $199
3. Professional- Custom Pricing Available
linkedin sales navigator logo1. Small-scale businesses
2. Mid-sized companies
3. Enterprises
1. InMail Messaging
2. CRM Integration
3. Real-time Buyer Intent Signals
1. Sales Navigator Core: Contact for Pricing
2. Sales Navigator Advanced:  Contact for Pricing
3. Sales Navigator Advanced Plus: Custom Pricing Available
Hunter1. Startups
2. Small-scale businesses
3. Mid-sized companies
4. Enterprises
1. Real-time Email Verification
2. Cold Email Campaigns
3. Individual/Bulk Email Search and Verification
1. Free- $0
2. Starter- $34
3. Growth- $104
4. Business- $349

1. Small-scale businesses
2. Mid-sized companies
3. Enterprises
1. Buyer Intent Data
2. Automated List Building
3. AI-powered Prospect Recommendations
1. Essentials- $59
2. Pro- $119
3. Ultimate- $299

A Complete List of the Top 11 ZoomInfo Competitors & Alternatives in Detail

1. Clodura.AI

About Clodura.AI

Clodura.AI is an industry-leading AI-powered B2B lead generation platform. Clodura.AI stands out from its competitors as the best ZoomInfo alternative because it offers sales-qualified leads, while its peers still offer marketing-qualified leads.

With Clodura.AI, you can access the world’s largest B2B database, boasting over 600 million contact details, 120 million verified emails, and 46 million organization charts. This goldmine of highly accurate buyer intent data allows you to target the right decision-makers within your ideal companies, saving you valuable time and resources.

But Clodura.AI goes beyond just intent data. It equips your sales and marketing team with powerful tools to streamline your sales efforts. It has built-in email analytics and verification to ensure your marketing campaigns reach the right inboxes. Plus, you can automate your cold email sequences, freeing up time for personalized follow-up with high-potential leads.

Clodura.AI Features Better than ZoomInfo

Here’s a one-on-one comparison to help you understand why Clodura.AI is the best ZoomInfo alternative in the market.

PricingStarts at $8 per month
(Freemium Plan Available)
Custom Pricing Plans
Users report high-cost plans ($10k+)
Quality of Leads GeneratedSales-Qualified LeadsMarketing-Qualified Leads
Contact Data600M174M
Mobile Numbers120M70M
Data Accuracy95%90%
Data CoverageWorld-wideUS & Canada-centric Data
Integrated Email
Update Frequency45 DaysN/A
CreditsUnlimitedPredetermined Number of Credits. Additional credits are to be purchased at a separate cost.
Buyer Intent
Customer SupportOutstandingExtremely Poor

Key Features of Clodura.AI

Here are some of the other key features of Clodura.AI that you should know about:

  • 5 Features, 1 Platform: Clodura.AI is the one-stop solution for all your sales and marketing efforts. It’s a comprehensive platform that combines all five aspects (Database, Sales Engagement, Email Verification, Buyer Intent, and Data Enrichment) into a single solution. Clodura.AI has the potential to replace all the tools in your current arsenal.
  • CRM Integration- Effortlessly sync your data and access it from a central location via easy integration with popular CRM platforms, such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zoho.
  • Advanced Customizable Triggers- With over 25 customizable triggers funding, partnerships, tech investments, and many more in place to detect buying signals, Clodura.AI empowers you to identify high-value target accounts.
  • Free Email Verification Tool- Reduce bounce rates and ensure your email campaigns aren’t wasting time with Clodura.AI’s free email verification tool. Instantly validate your email lists, maximizing inbox delivery and saving time with Clodura.AI’s real-time email verification capabilities.
  • Buyer Intent Data: With Clodura.AI’s buyer intent data your sales and marketing teams can target leads with precise purchasing signals. Our AI-powered intent data tracks advanced buying signal analysis, sales triggers, and job opening insights to pinpoint high-intent prospects.

Clodura.AI Pricing

Clodura.AI offers transparent pricing plans, doing away with the hassle of add-ons, as seen with ZoomInfo.

Lifetime Free PlanSoloProspectProspect Pro

In addition to all these plans, there’s a lifetime free plan that gives you access to Clodura’s basic features. Your sales and marketing teams can always try to understand this platform’s capabilities better.

What do the Users Have to Say About Clodura.AI?

Here are insights from what the end-users have to say about Clodura.AI.

Pierre-Axel B. (Inside Sales Executive) (4/5 Stars)

Clodura.AI holds the potential to become a top player in the lead generation platform market. Their data management is impressive and competes with established players like ZoomInfo. In my experience, the French data I have encountered has been accurate so far.

Abdulrafiu A. (Digital Marketing Strategist & Marketing Manager) (5/5 Stars)

Clodura.AI helped me close deals in record time.
Clodura is like a Sales Development Representative who effortlessly targets the right leads, engages with prospects, and seals the deal on my behalf. The AI-powered sales intelligence platform ensures I make the most out of every sales opportunity.

Coming Soon: New Powerups for Clodura.AI 

Are you tired of juggling multiple platforms throughout your sales process? 

Clodura.AI stands out as a top lead generation platform, eliminating the need for separate platforms for databases, sales engagement, email verification, buyer intent, and data enrichment. Additionally, our team has a few more power-ups in store to make Clodura.AI the only platform you ever need for your sales success. 

  • Calling Integration: Ditch your dialer! With this feature, you’ll be able to make calls directly through Clodura.AI using our built-in system. Shortlist verified direct dial numbers and connect with the right people without missing a beat.
  • Task Creation: Never lose track of your leads again. With task creation, your sales reps can easily plan and monitor their progress for every prospect (from the hundreds they have added to their Cadence) within the Clodura.AI platform.
  • Meeting Integration: Schedule one-on-one meetings, conferences, and round robins directly within Clodura.AI. Move your prospects smoothly through the sales funnel without platform hopping.

Spend less time managing tools and more time building relationships and closing deals. Find qualified leads, nurture them through the sales cycle, and schedule meetings — all within a single, intuitive platform — Clodura.AI

You can close deals in record time too

2. UpLead

Dashboard of UpLead

About UpLead

Known for its simple and easy-to-navigate user interface, UpLead hosts various tools and features like real-time email verification, quality support, chrome extension, and advanced filters. Additionally, UpLead provides a cost-effective alternative with pricing plans that significantly undercut ZoomInfo’s, making it an attractive option for small and medium-sized businesses.

However, if you’re seeking an even more budget-friendly solution, Clodura.AI is worth exploring as a cost-effective ZoomInfo alternative.

Key Features of UpLead

  • Intent Data- UpLead sources all of its intent data from Bombura, which is one of the most accurate sources on the market. With this, you can study website activity in real time, further refining your process of targeting leads. 
  • Real-time Email Verification- With this feature, you can ensure that your emails leave your inboxes and reach the right email addresses instead of bouncing back.
  • Chrome Extension- Scrape through the contact data of professionals across industries from LinkedIn and other websites. 
  • Powerful Data API-  UpLead’s robust API goes beyond basic contact information, allowing you to discover up to 40 unique data points on both people and companies in a single search for successful lead nurturing.

Pros of UpLead

  • Detailed filters help you create a more fine-tuned list of target prospects.
  • Many users found UpLead easier to use, set up, and integrate into their sales process.

Cons of UpLead

  • Users found it difficult to source accurate data from specific regions like Latin America.
  • Some users faced poor support and service during onboarding and after-sales.

UpLead Compared With ZoomInfo

Compared to ZoomInfo, UpLead offers a more user-friendly setup and interface, saving you valuable time that would otherwise be spent navigating ZoomInfo’s steep learning curve.

3. Cognism

Dashboard of Cognism

About Cognism

Headquartered in London, Cognism is a leading B2B sales intelligence platform in the European market. It is distinguished by its high data quality. While ZoomInfo focuses primarily on the US and Canadian regions, Cognism’s expertise lies in generating quality leads across Europe. If your sales efforts are centered around the European market, Cognism could be an ideal alternative to ZoomInfo.

Cognism excels by combining its GDPR-compliant database with valuable intent signals and verified phone numbers. This powerful combination empowers your sales professionals to identify high-potential prospects, connect with them quickly, and ultimately close more deals.

Key Features of Cognism

  • CRM Integration- Integrates with your existing CRM and sales solutions seamlessly, assisting you with data enrichment and lead generation.
  • Real-time Lead Change Alerts- With this feature, you receive instant notification whenever the contacts in your CRM are promoted, change roles, or switch companies.
  • Sales Prospector Tool- Precisely identify your most promising prospects. Cognism combines rich contextual company and contact data with real-time buyer intent signals, allowing you to deeply understand buyers and deliver hyper-relevant messaging at just the right time.

Pros of Cognism

  • Seamless Integration with popular CRMs like Salesforce and LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Phone-verified mobile numbers help save time and efforts

Cons of Cognism

  • Some users found contact details weren’t current despite being tagged as verified.
  • In some instances, users found the database had limited contact information and coverage.

Cognism Features Better than ZoomInfo

Although ZoomInfo does have a substantially larger database, Cognism outshines most of the competitors on the list when it comes to reliable contact data for European markets. 

4. Apollo

Dashboard of Apollo

About Apollo

With AI-powered lead generation capabilities, has carved out a place for itself in our list and the sales intelligence market. In addition to integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into its database, offers other features, such as sales engagement automation, workflow automation, data enrichment, and CRM integration.

Apollo Compared with ZoomInfo

Apollo’s integration of AI and machine learning gives it an edge over ZoomInfo in lead generation, analytics, and reporting. The constant feedback and improvement in prospects as you use the platform, make it a ZoomInfo alternative you should consider. 

Key Features of Apollo 

  • Chrome Plugin- With just a few clicks, you can instantly access complete contact details, enriched company insights, and powerful prospecting tools wherever you are on the web.
  • AI-assisted Lead Scoring- Apollo’s AI-assisted lead scoring capability helps prioritize your outreach by identifying the leads and accounts most likely to convert. This feature allows you to focus your efforts on the targets with the most intent. 
  • Email Tracking- Gain complete visibility into email engagement metrics with Apollo’s email tracking functionality. These insightful analytics reveal your hottest prospects based on their interest levels. 
  • Customizable Reports- Build custom dashboards and visualizations based on the specific metrics, segments, and date ranges you need to measure.

Pros of Apollo

  • Chrome plugin helps users save time and retrieve contact information from LinkedIn and other websites.
  • Many users appreciated the integration with Gmail and Outlook, making sending emails easier.

Cons of Apollo

  • New users felt that the UI could be made simpler and easier to understand.
  • Considering the comprehensive list of features, some users felt there was a steep learning curve.

5. Lusha

Dashboard of Lusha

About Lusha

Lusha is a B2B intelligence platform that offers an affordable alternative to ZoomInfo’s upmarket pricing. It stands out as a user-friendly B2B sales engagement tool, empowering sales reps to find verified mobile numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles for their outreach. 

Users can build hyper-targeted prospect lists by filtering dozens of professional and company attributes. Lusha’s core sales prospecting capabilities via its AI-powered contact finding make it a popular choice, especially for SMBs and startups.

With a handy Chrome extension and a web app, Lusha lets you effortlessly generate leads on the go. Simple subscription pricing enhances Lusha’s appeal for those seeking a user-friendly, value-focused sales intelligence solution.

Key Features of Lusha

  • Smart ICP Insights- Gain instant ideal customer profile insights based on your past searches. Quickly identify which lead sources deliver the best results so you can laser-focus your efforts and reach KPIs faster.
  • Real-time Prospect Activity Alerts- Stay a step ahead by getting alerted when prospects make moves that impact their buying potential. Customize outreach based on up-to-date intel-like job changes.
  • Lead Monitoring & Nurturing- Lusha monitors your leads and alerts you to prime engagement windows for effective nurturing. With this feature, you can explore new engagement opportunities as soon as decision-makers show signs they’re ready to buy.
  • Built-in Email Sequencing- Streamline your outreach with Lusha’s built-in email sequencing.  Create personalized email flows to nurture leads and stay connected at every stage of the sales cycle.

Pros of Lusha

  • Ease of transferring contact details in bulk to CRM platforms like Hubspot instantly.
  • Lusha’s intuitive, simple interface is one of its most liked features among users.

Cons of Lusha

  • Sometimes, Lusha misses the mark on contact information, but that’s understandable since no software has information on everybody.
  • Some users found the filter choices pretty limited in comparison to competitors

Lusha Compared With ZoomInfo

With its user-friendly interface, cost-effectiveness, and robust feature set, Lusha emerges as a compelling ZoomInfo competitor for sales professionals from startups and small businesses.

6. Seamless.AI

dashboard of Seamless.AI

About Seamless.AI

Unlike traditional database providers, Seamless.AI takes a fresh approach with an AI-powered real-time search engine that crawls the web to uncover the latest lead intelligence. Its innovative technology surfaces direct dials, mobile numbers, and email addresses for hyper-targeted B2B prospecting. 

With free credits available to test drive the platform risk-free, Seamless.AI offers an intriguing alternative prospecting solution to ZoomInfo, especially for those prioritizing data recency over sheer database size.

Key Features of Seamless.AI

  • Real-Time Search Engine- Seamless.AI leverages AI to crawl websites and collect lead-gen data in real time. It allows you to connect directly with ideal customers by accessing accurate, up-to-date contact data.
  • AI Writing Tool- Rapidly generate compelling, personalized sales and marketing sales scripts and messages for any funnel stage with the help of Writer by Seamless.AI.
  • Automated List Building- Compile targeted lists of thousands of prospects based on your specific criteria in a few clicks with Autopilot, eliminating countless hours of manual work.
  • Data Enrichment- Automatically fill in missing contact information to keep your B2B databases accurate and up-to-date and ensure reliable, actionable lead lists for effective sales outreach.

Pros of Seamless.AI

  • The platform boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing teams to navigate and utilize all features easily.
  • Seamless integration with CRM systems, saving countless hours of manual data entry and enabling teams to focus more on engaging prospects and closing deals.

Cons of Seamless.AI

  • Some users found the platform lacking filtering capabilities to exclude previously found leads or search specifically for leads with certain information like email addresses.
  • Seamless.AI limits bulk research to only one page of leads at a time, necessitating an additional manual process that users find unnecessary.

Seamless.AI Compared With ZoomInfo

Though ZoomInfo boasts a larger, more established database, Seamless.AI has taken it a step further with AI integration. With Seamless.AI, you can access a smarter sales intelligence tool that offers quality data and can automate your sales process.

7. Lead411

Dashboard of Lead411

About Lead411

Lead411 positions itself as a more flexible and affordable alternative to ZoomInfo’s enterprise-focused model. It stands out as an unlimited B2B data provider, offering high-quality verified business contacts and companies, often unavailable elsewhere. With unlimited usage, no hidden fees, and an option for single-user licenses, it appeals to businesses of all sizes seeking a cost-effective sales intelligence solution.

Lead411 also touts frequent email re-verification for superior data accuracy. Rounding out the offering are smart prospecting tools like real-time email verification, data enrichment, lead scoring, and sales trigger event tracking. For those prioritizing value, Lead411 makes a compelling case.

Key Features of Lead411

  • Sales Engagement with Reach- Send emails, automate phone dialing, track replies, and manage meetings seamlessly within the platform.
  • Suppression List- Exclude specific companies or contacts from future searches, downloads, and external lists for streamlined team collaboration.
  • Custom Triggers- Create tailored triggers based on multiple factors to identify the most relevant contacts and email addresses aligning with your ideal customer profile.
  • Technology Stack Search- Filter companies by their technology stack and technographic data for laser-focused prospect targeting.

Pros of Lead411

  • Lead411 updates their database every 90 days, ensuring businesses find their target prospects.
  • The platform offers a clean, intuitive interface that’s constantly evolving to make it easier for users to navigate searches and build targeted lists.

Cons of Lead411

  • At times, the support is slow and unresponsive, but they do resolve the issues once they come online.
  •  Some users found emails bouncing back instantly, even from addresses listed in Lead411’s verified contact data.  

Lead411 Compared With ZoomInfo

While ZoomInfo offers limited access to credits in all of its plans, Lead411 offers unlimited access to its contact database, giving users accurate contact data at a fraction of the cost. 

Tackle Email Bounce Issues


Dashboard of SalesIntel

About is a B2B sales intelligence platform that enriches contact and company data using AI. Its advanced firmographic filters and AI-powered data enrichment features help you identify prospective decision-makers.

SalesIntel provides insights into technologies used by prospects, intent signals, and lead scores. It also identifies new companies that match your ideal customer profile. Compared With ZoomInfo

In addition to competitive pricing plans that substantially undercut ZoomInfo’s offerings, SalesIntel features more intuitive, AI-powered lead sourcing.

Key Features of

  • Firmographic Filters- Using detailed firmographic filters, you can easily find the best-fit accounts, helping your teams target the right prospects.
  • AI-driven Data Enrichment- Enhance basic lead information with AI-enriched details, including technologies used, firmographic data, intent signals, and lead scores for more effective sales prospecting.
  • Verified Contact Database- Access a large, verified database of up-to-date contact information, ensuring accurate and reliable data for your outreach.
  • VisitorIntel- This proprietary tool Identifies anonymous website visitors, helping you build and prioritize your sales funnel efficiently.

Pros of

  • The platform boasts an excellent user interface, making it easy to identify and qualify prospects quickly.
  • CRM integration with popular platforms like HubSpot helps a team enhance its database effortlessly.

Cons of

  • Some users found occasional inaccuracies or outdated information in the database.
  • The platform limits the amount of data that can be exported in one go.

9. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Dashboard of LinkedIn Sales Nav

About LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, or Sales Nav, is a sales intelligence tool that uses the most reliable professional social media platform as its data source. This AI-powered tool unlocks LinkedIn’s massive network, turning it into your lead generation engine. It uses advanced search filters to identify high-potential prospects matching your criteria. 

Plus, you get full access to profiles, even outside your connections, for better lead research. While it won’t give you direct contact info, it equips you to send targeted Emails and build strong lead lists—all within the familiar LinkedIn interface.

Key Features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • Advanced Search Filter- LinkedIn Sales Nav offers advanced search filters, such as job titles, company sizes, keywords in profiles, and even recent news mentions, to narrow down your target prospects.
  • InMail Messaging- With this feature, you can directly reach out to potential clients with a limited number of monthly messages, even if you aren’t connected.
  • Real-time Alerts- Stay informed about your prospects with notifications about job changes, company news, and other relevant updates.
  • Personalized Lead Recommendations- Get personalized suggestions for new prospects and high-value accounts based on your sales activity.

Pros of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator integrates seamlessly with other CRM tools like Hubspot.
  • Users claim this is one of the best tools for reaching out to individuals.

Cons of LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

  • Some users found the platform to be too restrictive with bulk processes.

LinkedIn Sale Navigator Compared With ZoomInfo

In contrast to ZoomInfo’s comprehensive database, LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives you access to one of the largest professional databases for recruiters and SDRs. Moreover, LinkedIn Sales Nav’s InMail messaging can help you easily contact C-suite executives. 


Dashboard of


Next on our list is It’s the ultimate solution for email outreach. Hunter swiftly identifies leads and contact details, offering domain search, email verification, and automation. With its AI-enhanced technology, it streamlines outreach efforts, connecting you with key individuals crucial to your business.

Additionally, Hunter offers tools for creating and managing cold email campaigns. Overall, Hunter can help you source leads, verify them, and reach out to them without lifting a finger. 

Key Features of

  • Cold Email Automation- empowers users with tools for creating and managing cold email campaigns, including email composition, follow-up scheduling, and comprehensive campaign performance tracking. 
  • Email Verifier- Safeguard your sender reputation by utilizing’s email verifier, which ensures you avoid sending emails to invalid addresses.
  • Domain Search- It helps you easily find email addresses linked to specific companies or websites, effectively identifying potential contacts for targeted outreach. 

Pros of

  • The domain search feature helps automatically extract all professional contact data in no time.
  • helps find the email and verify it in one go.

Cons of

  • Some users felt that Hunter needed to work on its UI.

Hunter Compared With ZoomInfo

Considering its price point and features, could be a cost-effective, lightweight alternative to ZoomInfo if you want to email campaigns without breaking the bank.

11. RocketReach

Dashboard of RocketReach

About RocketReach

Lastly, on our list is RocketReach, a sales intelligence tool that claims to house the world’s largest and most accurate database of email addresses and phone numbers. RocketReach deploys a combination of AI tech and human research to find verified professional contact information, making sure its claims aren’t just talk.

In addition to their data accuracy and quality, RocketReach offers other features like CRM integration, a handy Chrome extension, and a long list of custom search filters to give you a competitive edge in finding potential buyers.

Key Features of RocketReach

  • Automated Prospect Lists- With this feature, you can create customized lists of target contacts and companies that’ll update automatically.
  • Chrome Extension- RocketReach’s handy Chrome extension saves you plenty of time when you are looking for prospect leads on social media and other websites.
  • Buyer Intent Data– Intent data ensures you target potential buyers who are actively looking for solutions in your domain of expertise. This feature helps you save time and focus on low-hanging fruits (most promising leads).
  • AI-Powered Recommendations- Uncover new prospects you might not even have considered with RocketReach’s AI-powered recommendations.

Pros of RocketReach

  • Advanced filter capabilities help users filter the results by location, job title, etc., making it easier to find the target prospects.
  • RocketReach’s integration across platforms like LinkedIn helps users save ample time.

Cons of RocketReach

  • Some users reported inaccuracies in data like email and phone numbers. 

RocketReach Compared With  ZoomInfo

For starters, RocketReach is significantly cheaper than ZoomInfo, which makes it a suitable alternative for startups and SMBs. Moreover, the added human verification in the contact database ensures comparatively better data accuracy.

Create your dream sales pipeline instantly

As we reveal our list of 11 ZoomInfo competitors, you must understand that no particular alternative will suit all businesses. When evaluating the alternatives, consider factors like pricing, tentative search volume, target market region, number of users, and so on.

For example, if you are looking for cost-effective solutions, you might want to consider the freemium solutions of UpLead,, and Lead411. On the other hand, if you wish to make the most of AI-enhanced sales tools, you could turn to SalesIntel, RocketReach, and

But, if you wish to slash the costs without giving up on premium features and capabilities, you should definitely check out Clodura.AI. Whether you want to make the most of AI-enhanced features, wish to automate your campaigns, or just want to make the most of an accurate database, Clodura.AI has covered everything. 

If you’re still unsure, you can always try all the freemium plans (including Clodura.AI) and let the results speak for themselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions on ZoomInfo Competitors

1. Who is ZoomInfo’s main competitor?

ZoomInfo’s main competitors include Clodura.AI, Apollo, and Uplead. In addition to providing on-par, if not better, features and capabilities than ZoomInfo, these platforms do it all at a fraction of the cost. 

Moreover, Clodura.AI gives you access to features like org charts, Chrome extension, and email verification for free, which would set you back thousands of dollars if you looked up ZoomInfo’s plans.

2. Why is Clodura.AI better than ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo’s intent data is sourced from Bombura, meaning the leads generated are MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads). However, Clodura.AI boasts the world’s largest B2B data, which gives you access to SQL (Sales Qualified Leads). Working with SQLs immediately takes you a step further in the sales process, giving you a significant edge over your competitors using MQLs.

3. What are the most commonly faced issues in ZoomInfo?

Despite its popularity, ZoomInfo users have frequently encountered several significant challenges across review platforms. These include concerns over data inaccuracy, steep learning curves required to navigate the platform effectively, limitations imposed by credit-based usage models, and the potential for soaring costs due to paid add-ons and feature upgrades.

4. Is there a free alternative to ZoomInfo?

Although there’s no truly free alternative to ZoomInfo per se, you can always check out platforms like Clodura.AI, Lead411, UpLead, and, which offer freemium plans with limited features.

Kapil Khangaonkar is Founder of Clodura.AI and Head of Sales. He has more than 17 years of experience in sales and marketing, having worked in various leadership roles for software companies. Kapil has developed an AI-powered sales data and engagement platform that does the major heavy-lifting to ensure sales professionals never miss any potential opportunities and generate more meetings. Kapil has helped countless businesses transform their sales strategies and achieve unprecedented success.

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