Integrate Freshsales CRM with Clodura Platform

If you are Freshsales CRM user, here are the steps to integrate it with your Clodura account.

How to Generate Freshsales API Credentials?

  1. Create your Freshsales CRM account
  2. Add or Join a Company
  3. Generate Freshsales – API
  4. Add Freshsales API Key
  5. Done!

Login To Your Freshsales Account

With your paid version of Freshsales account, login with your existing email address.

Activate Freshsales Account

If you don’t have account with Freshsales, create one and activate your Freshsales account, login to your email and click on “Activate your account” button.

Create Your Password

As a new user, you need to create a password for your Freshsales account.

Henceforth, complete the account registration by adding your contact number, username, and finally clicking on “Activate your account” button.

Freshsales Dashboard

Once you create and activate you Freshsales account, you will be navigated to the dashboard of your Freshsales account. Next,

  1. Click on the Profile picture
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on API settings tab
  4. API setting will open a dialog box with your API key, copy the same and add it to your Clodura account.

Login | CRM Integration With Clodura.AI

  1. Login to Clodura.AI suite
  2. Go to Setting and click CRM Integration
  3. Toggle button below Freshsales icon
  4. Paste the API Key copied from Freshsales here
  5. Add your CRM Domain name that you have used while signing up for Freshsales
  6. (Note: User can find the CRM Domain Name in URL too. For example;

  7. Click on “Save” button

Company and Contact Field Mapping

  1. Click on Mapping.
  2. Company and Contact Field Mapping section will open.
  3. Company Name, Name and Email are mandatory fields (Note: No two fields should be same)
  4. Click on “Save” button.

Export Contacts to Freshsales

To add the selected contacts in your CRM database, below are the steps:

  1. Click on Contacts in navigation bar
  2. Select the unlocked or saved Contacts
  3. Click on Export to CRM

Assign Owner to Contacts

  1. Once you click on export button in last step, this will pop-up the new tab.
  2. Now, You can see the owner list. Select the owner for the contacts to be exported in CRM
  3. Click on “Ok” button.

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