Data that drives business forward

Our data is your secret weapon for navigating the future. Shake up your lead-scoring strategy and gain a competitive edge with Clodura’s expansive, up-to-date database.


Far-reaching, accurate, and exclusive

From pinpointing targets to crafting the perfect sales pitch, Clodura’s data empowers your sales team to expand its strategies and connect more confidently.


Tap into a vast network of over 600 million contacts for precise targeting and outreach.


Connect with decision-makers across industries with over 120 million direct dials.


Our 95% accurate data is updated every 45 days.


Compliance and privacy

Clodura collects and processes personal information for sales, marketing and recruiting. We prioritize privacy, offer opt-out options, and ensure strict data sharing controls based on legitimate interests.

You have rights over your data, including access, rectification, and erasure—Clodura sources information from various public and third-party sources for accuracy and transparency.


Powerful tools with a personal touch

Keep your data fresh and relevant. With 75 parameters and unique identifiers, tailor your data enrichment to fit your needs. Accelerate lead conversion and extract valuable prospect details from minimal form inputs.
Hyper-targeted Precise company info Verified technology Accurate data


Find your target accounts with advanced search filters and expand your sales outreach with AI-recommended lists of potential buyers and 95% data accuracy. Streamline your outbound strategy as you build your ICPs, launch targeted outreach campaigns, and focus on prospects most likely to convert. 

Precise company info

Access our exhaustive list of 18 million companies and choose the most relevant filters to find and target your entire TAM. Stay organized with custom lists for personalized exchanges that resonates with prospects and maximize sales potential.

Verified technology

Our verified install base data includes over 15,000 tech products, empowering your team to segment your TAM. Get sharper insights into holes in the market that your product or service fills and create the perfect sales pitch accordingly.

Accurate data

Build confidence with authentically-sourced, consistently-updated, and rigorously-validated data. Speak directly to the decision-makers, never worry about accuracy or bounce rates again, and ensure every interaction counts towards growing your business.


Our customers are our biggest fans

In a pinch, Clodura.AI solved my problem before lunch." Clodura.AI provides a single tool for relevant connections, reaching out to each individually. Like any power tool, it enables one to make errors, but Clodura.AI's Customer Success provides guidance to avoid mistakes. I look forward to working with Clodura.AI for years to come.

Clodura.AI automated our leadgen process and saved a lot of time and efforts in finding contacts, emails, and phone numbers. We can even automate our cold email campaigns now. Thank You Clodura.AI.

Clodura has helped me in my sales prospecting journey, mainly by giving a great tool to manage email campaigns and contacts all on the same platform. Especially when it comes to monitoring engagement.

The go-to sales technology according to G2


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