Leadgen Automation

Generating constant quality leads is always challenging

Clodura Automates your Leadgen process using Artificial Intelligence. No need to spend any more time on Market Research. Have the data from the whole world at your fingertips. Increase your campaign responses with Custom Pitch.

Clodura Features


All Countries Included
Unlimited Contacts
20M+ Companies
200M + Contacts

Recommendation Engine

Recommends companies based on your criteria
Advanced Matching Algorithm
AI powered Suggestions
Automatically builds your Entire Universe

Sales Triggers

Shortlist companies with Requirement
Real Time updates
Over 25 types of Customizable Triggers
Advanced filters to find right companies


95% Accuracy Guaranteed
Dual validation for every Email
Live Support for specific requests Included

Direct Dials

Over 90M Direct dials
Call or Message your prospects
USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, UAE covered

Email Campaign

Anti-SPAM Campaign Manager
Bypass spam filters and reach more inboxes
Get 5 times higher open rates and replies
Opens, Forwards, Clicks all tracked with detailed reports

Event Tracking

Track any event in the world
Find prospects attending any specific event
Get a Ready list of Event Attendees
Directly send them email and fix meetings


Lets crunch some numbers

Here are some numbers to put things in perspective.We are helping our customers identify Decision makersthat are more likely to close from a very large pool

15 M+
200 M+
100 K+
Active Sales Triggers
5 K+
Opportunities Identified

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Lead Generation Automation, Clodura - Lead Generation with the power of AI

How does it work ?

Clodura automates the entire leadgen process by covering 3 main areas. Hundreds of man hours saved in chasing a moving target. Clodura's AI capabilities help you find the right customers quickly

Sales and Marketing still spend over 80% of their time in Market Research. It’s a constant moving target that needs lot of time and man power. Clodura completely automates the process to free up your time for more important things.

Knowing whom to sell is half the battle won. Gone are the days where Spray and Pray used to work. Now you need to focus on a few and talk to them about their Pain Point. Over 200 different data points are scanned by Clodura Intelligence Engine for each company to help you do exactly that.

Is sending only Emails enough? Not in today’s world. You need to follow up with Calls, Linkedin messages and Meeting people at Events. Clodura covers all 4 angles and helps you reach out to your customers directly.

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