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Our data is your superpower

Access meticulously curated data for email discovery, validation, and pattern creation. Clodura handles the heavy lifting so you can focus on closing deals. Our B2B verified database and Chrome extension simplify finding contacts across professional social media.

Bigger is always better

600M contacts, 120M+ direct dials to connect with decision makers across every industry. Our verified data is updated every 45 days.

15k+ verified install base data

Segment your TAM with precision and tailor your pitch to fit market demands. Identify prospects based on all-encompassing technology install data for laser-focused outreach strategies.

More advanced Search & Filters

Explore advanced search options like SaaS platforms, product usage, funding, website keywords, tags, job openings, and more. Clodura offers unparalleled B2B search customization like none other.

46M+ Org Charts

Exclusive views into the reporting structure of over 46 million companies, making it easier to reach the right people within each organization. 

Chrome Extension

Seamless Integration: Access contact information directly from any website or professional social media profile through our convenient Chrome extension.

Think two touchpoints ahead

Streamline your outreach and maximize results with our comprehensive sales engagement features.
Sales engagement features
AI Writer feature
New task in sales cadence
Sales engagement graphs
Sales engagement
Automated Sequences AI Writer Tasks Advanced Analytics Call Disposition

Eliminate 90% of monotonous prospecting tasks

Streamline your outreach with pre-built and customizable email sequences that nurture leads and drive conversions. Stay on track with scheduled touchpoints. No more dropping the ball - just seamless, effective outreach that gets results.

Ensure your messages hit the mark every time

Need a coding assistant or recommendations on SEO best practices? Ask Chat GPT. Need an email that will resonate with your audience and drive results? Clodura’s real-email-powered Language Learning Model takes the cake.

Never miss a beat

Clodura automates task creation to streamline sales engagement. Whether following up on campaigns, emails, or LinkedIn messages, our platform produces actionable tasks and keeps your communication in front of decision-makers to drive your sales pipeline forward.

Harness predictive insights and empower your sales strategy

Clodura’s advanced analytics help forecast trends, anticipate customer behavior, and gain valuable predictive insights. Visibility into current performance and identification of improvement areas make it a breeze to pinpoint bottlenecks and set realistic targets.

Effortlessly elevate customer service

Log call details and outcomes efficiently with Clodura Call Disposition. Stop playing detective to learn how calls went and improve your team’s communication and data accuracy.


Real-time verification to reach the right inboxes 

No platform matches the real-time verification speed, convenience and accuracy of Clodura email verification.

Boost deliverability to guarantee reach for all your campaigns

Fast, accurate, and reliable, Clodura keeps Email Verification in-house to keep your emails out of junk folders. Our verification tools enhance engagement and drive campaign conversions by eliminating invalid and spammy addresses.


React quicker to prospects that are ready to act

Identify & engage ready-to-buy prospects. Uncover buying signals and prioritize leads for maximum impact.

Sales Triggers

Set up automated alerts based on specific customer actions on your website or social media, indicating their active interest.

Buyer Intent

Apply specific filters based on buyer intent signals to refine your search and target only the most promising prospects.

Job Openings

Leverage real-time job opening data to identify companies actively seeking solutions related to your offerings.


Enriching data, and the lives of sales reps who use it most

Transform incomplete data into actionable insights. Unlock the power of complete and enriched data.

CSV Enrichment


Enhance existing contact lists by uploading a CSV file and matching them against our comprehensive database, adding valuable information like phone numbers, job titles, company details, 40+ other data attributes.

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CSV Enrichment

CRM Enrichment


Keep your data fresh and relevant with Clodura’s CRM Enrichment. Automatically update existing contacts with their latest information, including previous roles, titles, and company details. Tailor comprehensive enrichment to your needs with 75 parameters and unique identifiers.

CRM Enrichment

Website Form Enrichment API


With Clodura’s Website Form Enrichment API, minimal form data is all you need to accelerate lead conversion and customer acquisition. Simplify your lead gen process and uncover valuable prospect details more efficiently.

Data enrichment
CSV Enrichment
CRM Enrichment
Data enrichment

A breath of fresh air for your CRM data

Make your CRM work for your targeted sales efforts with unique identifiers and 75-parameter enrichment.

Duplicate icon

Identify duplicates

Efficiently locate and merge duplicate records, eliminating redundancy and improving data accuracy.

Easy Click icon

Rejuvinate old contacts

Breathe new life into outdated contact information by updating job positions, email addresses, company affiliations, and more. 

Data Recovery icon

Validate and enrich data

Leverage social profiles as unique identifiers to match current information and enrich your data with valuable insights. 

The go-to sales technology according to G2


Our customers are our biggest fans

We used ZoomInfo and Slintel but were never happy with their quality and coverage. Clodura.AI’s quality and coverage of the B2B contact database are really impressive (even beyond USA). Its intent feature gave us low-hanging sales opportunities and reduced our CAC.

Clodura.AI automated our leadgen process and saved a lot of time and efforts in finding contacts, emails, and phone numbers. We can even automate our cold email campaigns now. Thank You Clodura.AI.

In a pinch, Clodura.AI solved my problem before lunch." Clodura.AI provides a single tool for relevant connections, reaching out to each individually. Like any power tool, it enables one to make errors, but Clodura.AI's Customer Success provides guidance to avoid mistakes. I look forward to working with Clodura.AI for years to come.

Clodura has helped me in my sales prospecting journey, mainly by giving a great tool to manage email campaigns and contacts all on the same platform. Especially when it comes to monitoring engagement.


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