Keep leads sailing smoothly through touchpoints

Elevate customer service, enhance team communication, and expedite pipeline progression with Clodura’s sales engagement solutions.


Take the pain out of campaigns

Crafting an outreach or follow-up email that hits all the right notes is hard. Clodura leverages AI to eliminate hours of manual effort so you can analyze and refine campaigns using the templates that yield the best results.

Integrating perfectly with the apps you’re comfortable with, Clodura’s automated email cadences spark your cold sales to get you in front of stakeholders.


Integrate AI in forward-thinking sales management

From automation to revamped task management, Clodura streamlines your outreach and maximizes your results.

AI writer

Goodbye writer’s block, hello automated, impactful content. Improve template creation and nail the right style and tone every time with tailor-made communications, from subject lines to CTAs. Focus your efforts elsewhere and watch your emails work wonders.


Clodura automates task creation and cadences to streamline sales engagement. Build on previous communications seamlessly with consistent, timely, and effective follow-ups. Our platform produces actionable tasks and keeps your communication in front of decision-makers to drive your sales pipeline forward.


Get excited about meetings again. Clodura’s automated lead scoring, personalized outreach, and powerful analytics streamline your connections with prospects, ensuring every meeting counts towards meeting goals and driving business growth.  


Stop playing detective. Log call details and outcomes efficiently with Clodura Call Disposition and improve your team’s communication and data accuracy.

LinkedIn automation

Leverage the world’s largest professional networking platform for your sales and marketing strategies. Clodura augments lead generation, messaging, and tasks, freeing up resources for your sales team to focus on building more meaningful connections. Unlock LinkedIn’s full potential with Clodura. 

Our customers are our biggest fans

We used ZoomInfo and Slintel but were never happy with their quality and coverage. Clodura.AI’s quality and coverage of the B2B contact database are really impressive (even beyond USA). Its intent feature gave us low-hanging sales opportunities and reduced our CAC.

Clodura.AI automated our leadgen process and saved a lot of time and efforts in finding contacts, emails, and phone numbers. We can even automate our cold email campaigns now. Thank You Clodura.AI.

The search functionality and contacts delivered strong results for prospecting. We were looking for software companies, not end users, for many of our verticals, and Clodura was the only company we found to be able to deliver the information. In addition, there is additional functionality for marketing & email campaigns that don't exist with other tools like this.

In a pinch, Clodura.AI solved my problem before lunch." Clodura.AI provides a single tool for relevant connections, reaching out to each individually. Like any power tool, it enables one to make errors, but Clodura.AI's Customer Success provides guidance to avoid mistakes. I look forward to working with Clodura.AI for years to come.

The go-to sales technology according to G2


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