Strike while the iron’s hot

Clodura makes sure you’re primed to act the moment your prospects signal readiness. Seize opportunities as soon as they present themselves with actionable insights and real-time alerts.


Optimize your efforts

Clodura stacks the deck in your favor with buying signal analysis, sales triggers, and job opening data.

Track key elements of your target buyers’ intent signals to identify and engage prospects ready to purchase. With Clodura, your sales team gains a proactive strategy and delivers a seamless, personalized buyer experience.


Find the perfect fit

Leverage real-time job opening data to identify companies on the hunt for solutions related to your offerings.

Prioritize prospects that are ready to engage with timely, relevant outreach. Tapping into hiring intent data, Clodura helps you perfectly curate your pitches according to the organizational gaps your prospects need to fill.


Spot opportunities early

Automate alerts for key customer actions on your site or social platforms and get a jump on active interest.

Clodura’s trigger data offers real-time insights into critical events that signal potential opportunities such as tech deployments, leadership changes, or industry shifts. Stay agile, seize the moment, and drive impactful business results.


Our customers are our biggest fans

We used ZoomInfo and Slintel but were never happy with their quality and coverage. Clodura.AI’s quality and coverage of the B2B contact database are really impressive (even beyond USA). Its intent feature gave us low-hanging sales opportunities and reduced our CAC.

Clodura.AI automated our leadgen process and saved a lot of time and efforts in finding contacts, emails, and phone numbers. We can even automate our cold email campaigns now. Thank You Clodura.AI.

The search functionality and contacts delivered strong results for prospecting. We were looking for software companies, not end users, for many of our verticals, and Clodura was the only company we found to be able to deliver the information. In addition, there is additional functionality for marketing & email campaigns that don't exist with other tools like this.

In a pinch, Clodura.AI solved my problem before lunch." Clodura.AI provides a single tool for relevant connections, reaching out to each individually. Like any power tool, it enables one to make errors, but Clodura.AI's Customer Success provides guidance to avoid mistakes. I look forward to working with Clodura.AI for years to come.

The go-to sales technology according to G2

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