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Reviews on G2

The possibility to find all the businesses and people that work for those businesses with their contact informatio. Not to mention the chrome extension that comes with the app.
Finding potential leads and their contact so I can email them and try to sale my web design and development services to their business.

Robert S.

Sviluppatore front-end

Excellent good looking product that has all the normal leadgen attibutes, but also some very powerful AI Account Mapping capabilites and an inbuilt emailing system that can run on autopiolot. The GUI is also very intutitive and easy to use. I beleive a data enrichment tool is planned which would make this a go to leadgen platform

Steve W.

There is a lot of functionality - I'm still learning everything it can do. I like that you can find emails and then put those prospects into an email cadence. I like that you are not charged a credit if they can't find a valid email after it's unlocked. I also like that it won't add duplicates to a list if you try to add one. Overall, I'm very pleased with this platform!

Claudia L.

I have only just begun to use Clodura. What I observed was creating a persona was a matter of a few clicks and you instantly get a good list.
I would say not having to pay for the hefty Sales Nav fee on LinkedIn. Clodura provides great deals of customization including hiring areas, website keywords and funding and it is specific enough to return targeted results.

Proma N.

Founder and Marketing Specialist

I've recently had the pleasure of using Clodura.AI to generate targeted leads for my business, and I'm incredibly impressed with the results. Their platform offers an incredibly accurate technographic data set, allowing us to generate a highly targeted list of potential buyers with ease. Their AI-recommended list of potential buyers also enabled us to expand our sales outreach with confidence.

Amine B.

General Manager

I like the intuitive nature of Coldura, the AI programming allows for automated lead generation, it also is seamless in experience and its startup for a brand like mine. The business problems that Coldura helps to solve are lead attraction, generation and automating the experience. With a special focus on customizing the experience for any brand that you are tapping into.

Danielle S.

Senior Digital Account Manager & Strategist

Clodura filtered my sales lead upon entry with a new employer With Clodura I was up to speed with my task a business development associate as against competition. Competition miss out or a sales lead details such as email and phone number which are a very critical component for cold calls or emails as the case may be. Clodura fills that gap for me.

Brian E.

One of the standout features of Clodura.AI is its intuitive user interface. The platform's design is sleek, user-friendly, and highly customizable, making it easy for sales professionals to navigate and personalize their experience. The comprehensive dashboards present data visually appealingly, enabling users to grasp complex information at a glance.

Anupam K.

I found it pretty straightforward to use and the small issue I did have was resolved very quickly by a real human on the other end of the chat! Very fast and responsive customer service who were able to resolve my issue within minutes by looking remotely at my account then sending me a screenshot and highlighting the area I needed to address - brilliant.

Simone B.

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It has a user-friendly interface. The ability to search for specific companies using various filters such as revenue, industry, company size, buyer intent, and more provides unmatched flexibility. Whether I need to target companies in a particular sector or identify potential buyers with specific characteristics, its filters make it a breeze.

"Unleashing Sales Potential with Detail Lead Data"


The best lead generation solution tested this year, very user-friendly and good UX. Searches are fast, as are contact selections. The links to Linkedin are very practical, and I'm thinking of taking the plan above. A very pleasant surprise, which I'd recommend to anyone wishing to develop their business without getting in over their heads (but the solution doesn't call contacts for you!).

"So far so good. I went from 1 code to 5 codes."


Clodura is exactly what we needed, as a small business we don't have hours to spend on our outreach, so we took a look at clodura and it's serving us well so far. it's quick and easy to get started with. UI is nice, I like the addition of being able to use dark mode.

"More Valid data than most"


A good database of leads that is further enhanced with a useful organizational chart.
The team at have addressed my questions in a timely manner and I would rate them as excellent overall. Excellent overall!



I already purchased 5 codes. the database is huge and accurate. I use it everyday.
Would be great to see advanced automations sequences, warmup option, and a unibox. In general, I highly recommend this tool

"A game changer"


On Appsumo, only Clodura offers hiring intent. It is useful for agencies because it tells you who is hiring right now and what they look for. For example, if you sell web design services, it tells who and where has the intent to buy such services.

"Hiring Intent is deal maker "


This is my first time actually using any kind of cold email marketing software and I am really impressed with Clodura. You definitely should watch through all the tutorials to understand the workflow. But, once you do, it's pretty smooth sailing!

"Really Impressed!"


Although I haven't had the opportunity to fully explore its functionality, I am already blown away by the level of satisfaction it gave me, especially with their outstanding customer service. During the cadence setup, I encountered some challenges and reached out to their support through the chat feature.

"Clodura exceeded my expectations"


WOW! This is way more features than I expected. I am excited to start prospecting again with this program. It provides ALL the details I need for an effective cold outreach campaign.

"Outside Sales "


How Clodura.AI is better than ZoomInfo

It has the very potential to become one of the great one of the market Data management is almost perfect and very simular to Zoominfo Buying intent is interesting , cross finger to see if get some leads from it data for france is good so far .

Pierre-Axel B.

Inside Sales Executive

I've been in lead generation for 5+ years and this tool has a great potential to compete with big players like Zoominfo and Apollo. I am looking forward to buy more codes. However, beware the database is not 100% correct (which is also the case with a premium tool like Zoominfo) I am looking forward to see this tool grow and not stop here.


This is a good database that I now use in addition to ZoomInfo and LinkedIn Sales Navigator since it provides additional companies within my sales territory I can pursue. It also provides ISV information. Thus, I highly recommend!


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