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The search functionality and contacts delivered strong results for prospecting. We were looking for software companies, not end users, for many of our verticals, and Clodura was the only company we found to be able to deliver the information. In addition, there is additional functionality for marketing & email campaigns that don't exist with other tools like this.

Stuart K.

Senior Vice President

The ability to combine market intel, LinkedIn data and its own data engine to generate insights for us. Plus the fact that the smart filters and user interface make it super easy to navigate the data base. The main problem it solves is that it tells us the market and the personnel within the company in a single platform.

Praful G.

Vice President Of Business Development & Sales is a B2B database with access to over 18 million companies. Search for potential clients based on parameters like revenue, industry, size, buyer intent, etc. Advanced filters make it easy to narrow down your search and find the right leads. Find companies and contacts actively looking to buy your services with the buyer intent feature.

Samuel K.


Lovely to have Clodura as an DR Tool, we are getting good response as far as numbers and email ID is concerned, plus they are maintaining very good accuracy level as well.

Deepak B.

Manager- Business Development

Clodura provides a single tool for relevant connections, reaching out to each individually. Like any power tool, it enables one to make errors, but Clodura's Customer Success provides guidance to avoid mistakes. I look forward to working with Clodura for years to come.

Clark B.

Director Of Business Development

Clodura is easy to use and helped us find the right target audience and build contacts in minutes, which saved us many months of effort and critical resource time. Additionally, the feature to schedule campaigns and monitor results within the application is an excellent feature that our team loves. A competing product similar to Clodura would have burnt our pockets.

Anish R.

Marketing Director

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Two issues:
- As such, Clodura allows for a surprisingly high segmentation capacity, and the data, compared to other applications in some tests, gives the feeling that it is more up-to-date.

- The team. The add-on was not working for me and when I asked them for help they literally turned upside down. It was something as insignificant as my Linkedin was configured in Spanish, but they were there until they found the problem. And that, with the cost it has in LTD format, that attitude, says a lot about them. My respect and gratitude, because the sensations are unbeatable.

"Unbeatable feeling"


Very happy to have purchased Clodura, which so far has been an excellent tool.
I have tried a few lead generation and email automation tools from AppSumo, some of which I had to return due to not performing as well as indicated, and due to exceptionally poor customer service.

This is not a tool that I will be returning! I am so glad the lifetime deal is still available here, as before Christmas I chose to purchase other tools, which did not work out, as I didn't think at the time that Clodura would be great for me.

"An excellent tool!"


The software is pretty basic to learn, and it offers one-touch dialing that is simply amazing.

The advanced filters make it easy to sift through numerous search results and find the perfect leads to grow your business.

I have been waiting for this platform for so long. I try to extend my formal gratitude to all who made it a reality. Thanks for the wonderful platform. Continue growing!

"The best tool for obtaining B2B leads"


Clodura is an all in one tool for prospecting. You don't have to invest in separate tools for data, emails, direct dials, sales intel triggers & email campaigns. It helps you identify target accounts, and generate relevant conversations and meetings. This all-in-one tool helps you work faster and smarter. Clodura will help me have conversations with decision-makers who are interested in our services.

"A Great Lead Generation Tool"


I found Clodura easy to use, many more filters to narrow down your search and get the leads that you want to target. The data is good and reliable, and I even hope that it will keep getting better day by day.
Clodura makes it easy to find the corporate leads based on many filters, including technology, position level, industry, funding, location, buyer intent, etc. It will improve the lead generation, and hopefully I will be able now to close more sales.

"Lead generation with less hassle"


I'm still experimenting with this tool, but I'm blown away with the features that they have in place, they really thought well about this, for example you can search according to the intent or hiring, which would give you kind of warm prospects, they still don't have marketing and sales on the intent, but I asked them if they can add those, and they're already in the pipeline.
The instant email verification is also nice to have, instead of adding wait time or wasting money on other verification tool.

"Different than the other lead sourcing tool"


How Clodura.AI is better than ZoomInfo

It has the very potential to become one of the great one of the market Data management is almost perfect and very simular to Zoominfo Buying intent is interesting , cross finger to see if get some leads from it data for france is good so far .

Pierre-Axel B.

Inside Sales Executive

I've been in lead generation for 5+ years and this tool has a great potential to compete with big players like Zoominfo and Apollo. I am looking forward to buy more codes. However, beware the database is not 100% correct (which is also the case with a premium tool like Zoominfo) I am looking forward to see this tool grow and not stop here.


This is a good database that I now use in addition to ZoomInfo and LinkedIn Sales Navigator since it provides additional companies within my sales territory I can pursue. It also provides ISV information. Thus, I highly recommend!


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