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Is cold calling still work? What’s its future?

On the contrary, it has been found that a large number of prospects, especially in technology and professional services, respond well to cold calls. But does that make your job easy as a salesperson? Well, to be honest, cold calling, though useful, continues to be one of the toughest aspects of sales. Understandably, it isn't easy to deliver a practiced pitch to someone who hasn't shown any interest in your product previously. Besides, no two calls are ever the same – which can make the experience exciting, as well as a little scary at times. 

Video Transcript

Is cold calling dead? What’s the future of cold calling? : Video Script

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A lot of people think that cold calling is dead and it does not work anymore. Nobody picks up my phone anymore even if I call even if I have a cell phone number I’m dialling and the guy’s not picking up the phone so cold calling is not working. so that actually is a general thought process going around so cold calling as rightly thought of has reduced in value just because it’s been abused for a long time it is actually replaced by something called warm calling.

So, warm calling actually means that I have actually already sent you two or three emails. You’ve actually opened my emails. You have maybe forwarded those emails to other people if I’m aware of the mechanism of tracking. if I can track that today if you have clicked on the link and come on my website if you spend time on the website, and then if I call you that actually becomes a warm call and that actually works like anything else, okay?

If you call up a guy who’s just come on a website and seen an article and he receives a call from the same company only 15 minutes later asking them if he is interested has an absolutely greatest chance of setting up an immediate meeting with that person so warm calling absolutely Works cold calling not so much but even today after the covet situation you know about four years ago if I have a number of somebody and if I dial this number I would probably have to dial his number about five-six times for him to you know pick up my call, today that number is actually released about 12 to 13 times which is almost doubled.

So, even if I have the cell phone number of somebody, I typically have a dialect number about 12 to 13 times. so, most people make this mistake where they dial a number one time two times and move on assuming that the guy is picking up so he’s not interested that’s not really the case keep on persistently calling that person of course not on the same day on different days make sure you get a proper no. from him before moving on if you’ve called up for 10 12 times and still not getting through then of course stop trying but warm calling definitely works.

Calling people who are interested in you definitely works that’s the only other alternative you have for emailing so it’s not about either emailing or calling or LinkedIn it’s actually all of them so calling absolutely has to be done warm calling has to be done not cold calling and persistent calling on the same number is absolutely essential foreign

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