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How Do I create a winning sales team? Explained By Kapil Khangaonkar-Clodura.AI

Building a successful sales team can be challenging. Not putting time and effort into building a successful sales team will affect all areas of your business, especially when it comes to meeting your business’s overall goals. Inculcate hobbies or skills and volunteer for organizations that work towards a cause to keep your morale high. These fun activities not only make you feel happy but will also bring down your stress levels. Scheduling meetings outdoors, which may involve something fun may not only earn you brownie points for creativity but will also help your company stand out.

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How Do I create a winning sales team? : Video Script

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There’s a movie called Moneyball in which Bradford is shown as a baseball team coach and he’s trying to build a new team with his new ideology of how to choose a particular player. So, what everyone was doing was they were spending all their money on buying the star player, and then they had very less money to buy all the other players there.

So, what he basically said is a very famous quote in which he says that your objective should never be to buy players or stars. Your objective should always be to buy wins. And to buy wins you have to actually buy runs. So, break down your task in such a way that you can actually focus on which player is going to do what and then buy accordingly.

A similar mistake actually also happens in setting up the sales team. So, when somebody is setting up a new sales team, typically what happens is you end up spending a lot of money on sales guys who are actually closing the deal. And then when you hire those key people, they are basically not fed with enough leads to actually close the deal. So, because they don’t have anything close, they actually end up failing, and then hence your entire sales model fails.

So typically, what you can do is hire bottom up when you’re hiring a sales team when you’re actually hiring first, people who are actually setting up a lot of meetings, spend money on them, get a very, very good quality lead, gen guys. Once you have enough leads coming in, then worry about how to close them on top and then hire the guys who are really good at closing those deals. That will actually give you a very nice balance and the highest returns on your investments in terms of the money spent on the sales team because all the sales guys will be closing constantly.

Leads are given by the Lead gen team. So, to set up a very good sales team, the typical model is to go bottom-up, spend money on actual lead gen guys first, generate enough leads, and then close. Worry about hiring the closing guys, you.

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