5 Steps to Craft a Highly Effective Sales Pitch (With Examples)

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Jan 10 2020


A sales pitch is critical because it forms the initial interaction with your potential customer. It’s the first opportunity for the salesperson to connect and build rapport with your buyer and persuade them to buy your product or service. To successfully sell your product, it is necessary to build up a meaningful conversation with your ideal buyer. 

So, your sales pitch should demonstrate a right solution to resolve the buyer’s problem. Of course, the idea of dialogue or communication between you and your ideal buyer is much more fruitful and appealing than monologue. It is essential to listen to your buyer’s requirements and match your product offering based on what exactly your ideal buyer wants. 

As a salesperson, you don’t want to sound as over-rehearsed or show that you are unprepared. Let’s look at what makes a successful pitch, along with sales pitch examples and tips. It will help you establish a rapport and move ahead in closing deals and generating revenue, faster for your business. 

Your sales pitch should win your ideal buyer before you meet him. Here as a salesperson, you aim to display how your product or service can reduce his pain points and resolve the issues. The successful sales pitch begins with research and understanding of your prospect’s needs. Before you start with a sales pitch or demo, you need to study ideal buyers’ websites, check out their LinkedIn profile, learn as much as you can about the industry, competitors, and about the challenges they are facing. In short, do your homework and ensure that you fully understand your potential buyer’s needs, wants, and challenges. 

Moving ahead to the next level, sales executive needs to avoid generic small talk and try to build up a rapport with the customer. It is recommended to warm up your ideal buyer by making them talk about the problems or challenges they face. If possible, try to use the intelligence that you may have come across in your research. It shows that you have studied the potential buyer and helps to build a genuine connection. Here are a few email-opener examples “I’d like to discuss the lead gen process you have in the company. 

We’re helping other B2B companies to identify their ideal prospects straight from Clodura AI-based platform. You can track conferences & its attendees happening around the world, run email campaigns, integrate your CRM account, and update it with contact details.” “I saw your recent updates this week about leveraging Sales Navigator. It got me thinking that you can use the Sales Navigator account with Clodura Suite. I hope our article- “How to Use LinkedIn to Generate More Revenue” would be helpful to you in generating B2B Sales. Let me know if you’d like to discuss about Clodura Platform.” 

Do not talk only about your product or service in your entire email. Any sales and marketing email pitch should be a two-way communication, rather than a monologue. You need to ask questions and encourage your ideal buyer to talk about the challenges they are facing. 

After listening and understanding the challenges of the perfect buyer, your email must demonstrate how your products or services provide value to your customers. For example- “What are you currently doing to improve your lead generation process?” “Do you use any software application to resolve the operational issues?” If you can get your clients to share their current challenges or frustrations, then you are on the right track. With this kind of conversation, you can develop a business relationship and set your deal in motion.

As a sales executive, your sales pitch aims to present the product or service in a way that resonates with the prospects. The storytelling strategy is a tested way to show value to your ideal buyer. It is a powerful way to create a rapport and a long-lasting bond with your customers. It is recommended to share real-life customer experiences and success stories to position your product or service as an ideal solution for your customer. Let’s have a look at an example- “Early this year, I met an SME B2B business owner who couldn’t figure out why his sales executives couldn’t close more deals. After doing some research, we realized that their team was unable to follow up with potential leads more than twice. 

When they started using the Clodura platform for Email Campaigns, they scheduled automatic follow-ups; and could close more deals and generate more revenue for their business. Now his business is growing faster than before, and they’ve also expanded their sales and marketing team!”

Till this sales pitch section, you have demonstrated how your product, service, or solution provides value in context with your buyer’s challenges and needs. It is the right time to hit your offer to close the deal. For example- “For five years, our customers have relied on Clodura platform for Sales Leadgen.” In the next step, use customer-centric language to offer the customer recommendation of your product or services. Make a specific recommendation to your customers from the full range of products or services you have. For example- “Based on your Sales & Marketing Team size, I would recommend you start with our Standard Package. 

It includes – unlocking 500 companies’ details, email IDs and contact details, Email Campaigns, Conference Attendees, and Sales Triggers for $300/month.” Once, as a sales rep, you have made the offer, take your sales pitch to the final step- Call-to-Action. Ensure to use actionable language or clearly stating the call-to-action. 

It provides a signal to your ideal buyer that your solution is the best to tackle their challenges. For example: “Can we have the product demo this week on Wednesday at 3.00 pm?” “Do you have any questions or doubts before we finalize the Standard Package?” For each of the core components of the sales pitch above mentioned in the article, you can customize your pitch in infinite ways. 

The offering can also be customized based on the potential buyers’ unique situation, needs and to overcome his/her challenges. Now, let’s move ahead in this article with the Sales Pitch examples that sells your products and services. Hungry for more- Here’s How to Write Personalized Emails to Your Prospects. 

Building rapport is not a wishy-washy task to do. Let’s work on the top 8 sales pitch formats. 

Sales Pitch example 

1 – Past Reference Conversations 

-Remember, if you have spoken to the prospect before, do not start talking about company products and business. Ensure to use the rapport that you have already built with client or customer - Give references for previous communications - Remind them about the problems they have discussed with you, and you have understood it Example: Hi Lisa, Thank you! It was nice to talk with you over a call on Monday. 

As you mentioned the concern that you’re sending your business proposals into a black hole, it struck a note with me. This issue is faced by your sales and marketing team. Now at Clodura, I help B2B companies to solve the problem, by giving them insight into who engages with us for LeadGen

I think I can help you prioritize the ideal customer list with more engagement. Can we talk about it at 3 pm on Wednesday?_ _Regards,_   _John Davis  

Sales Pitch example 

2: Begin Your Sales Pitch with a Question

-A good sales pitch opens dialogue between sales rep and client. Instead of talking more about your product or service, ask your clients open-ended questions. Here are a few question examples to get your customers’ positive reply. Have you noticed the engagement in the email campaign has considerably decreased? - Do know how to deal with the .

- Or Doesn’t it seems like. For Example:  “I’m Kevin, and I work for ACME Corp. We offer digital marketing solutions to help to increase your business presence globally.” Now we reverse the above example: “Have you noticed that there is less engagement on your website, which is affecting your website’s ranking in Google?”  Check out the YouTube tutorial link="https://youtu.be/QuhaX2Zr6xU

Sales Pitch example 

3: Keep your email message short 

-It’s recommended not to open all the cards that you are going to offer to your potential buyers in the first go. Your sales pitch should keep them wanting for more. Do your homework of understanding the client’s pain points and how your product and service convert their pain-points into touchpoints. Pitch your email with a short message and straight to the point. For Example: “We teach kids how to take photos.” Here, the sales executive is not talking about the lenses, angles, or poses. He is informing his customers that they have a course for kids who are interested in photography.

4: Always Highlight advantages and not features

-Focusing on benefits helps to make your information more relevant to the potential buyer than just talking about the product features. For example,- If you have a student study portal app. So, in your email pitch, highlight the advantages of the app. 

Or list them which helps to catch readers’ attention such as- Dear John, I am Celina working with Edu–care- handling student study portal from City International School, San Francisco. As you have mentioned, the concern about your child’s studies and progress on the school portal. I would like to help your child in his studies. 

Many parents face these issues, and Edu-care ensures to give you the study structure that assists in developing your child in academics as well as in general knowledge too. Here are a few advantages of our curriculum listed: Includes engaging video lessons to visualise the concept and understand lessons easily Personalised learning graph/ journey to help you understand learning needs required for your child in each subject And so on. 

Can we have the product demo this week on Wednesday at 3.00 pm? Regards, Celina It is recommended to add data supporting your email content. Either you can have data from reputed resources or use your company’s data to represent it to your potential customer in the text. For example: “Updating and maintaining the sales lead database is a priority task for every Sales & Marketing Team.” Instead, you can write- “Sales & Marketing teams spend 40% of the time in updating and maintaining the Sales lead Database. 

If you have a little more time, or you are preparing for the product demo, then narrate a story that illustrates how your product has helped the customers. So, don’t include the ‘About Us’ section in this pitch. Instead, include how your trusted customers have benefitted after buying the product. How are their problems solved? You can consist of relevant video clips, rating reports, etc., in your sales pitch. 

If you have a little more time, or you are preparing for the product demo, then narrate a story that illustrates how your product has helped the customers. So, don’t include the ‘About Us’ section in this pitch. Instead, include how your trusted customers have benefitted after buying the product.

How are their problems solved? You can consist of relevant video clips, rating reports, etc., in your sales pitch. Speaking of Follow-ups, this needs to be the top priority in sales reps’ task. You cannot expect the customer to reply actively and promptly every time you send out an email. Whether you have talked to prospective customers in an event, or via emails, over the phone, lost the customers touch in between the process, it is recommended to be persistent. For example: Hello Ronan, Greetings of the day! As per our telephonic discussion on Thursday last week related to the leadgen issue faced by your team. 

I have scheduled the product demo for you this week on Wednesday at 2.00 pm. I am looking forward to receiving your confirmation. Regards, Henry Wrapping Up Ensure to use sales pitch to close your deals Working in the Sales & Marketing team, a good sales pitch is your bread & butter. 

No matter what you are selling and to whom you are pitching to. It means that you need to put in time and effort to perfect your sales pitch. Next time when you are writing sales pitch, try using our core components and sales pitch examples to improvise your email flow and close more deals. 

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