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Defining Sales & Exploring Its Tough Challenges.

The sales ecosystem is overrun with several challenges. Sales representatives have to often deal with ample amounts of negativity on a regular basis. Behind every deal that a sales executive closes, there are usually a plethora of unanswered emails, rejected calls, and even hostile or uninterested interactions. Finding the ability and willingness to persevere in the midst of these challenges can be strenuous for even the most experienced professionals.

Video Transcript

Why is a sales career considered exciting and challenging? : Video Script

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So, sales have actually become challenging because of the lack of knowledge transfer that happens from the senior management to the team members. If you look at the entire business development hierarchy in any organization, it consists of two mains used inside business development, one which is the sales side, and one which is the marketing side.

The sales side again is divided into three different parts. One is inside sales and then three sales and then there is a marketing organization. If you look at it from a holistic angle, if you want to learn something from marketing there are lots of courses available. You can do an MBA in marketing, you can do a lot of books on it. If you want to learn sales there are typically no MBA sales available anywhere. So, you can only learn it from your superiors, your managers, or senior managers. So, you can only get as good as they are and how good the knowledge that they are passing to you.

So, this becomes a very big challenge in terms of becoming good at sales. Inside sales especially, which is a lead general part, is actually the most difficult part in the sales organization because if you ask any CEO what is his biggest pain point, he will always say it is new sales. But if you ask the VP of Sales what is his biggest pain point, he will always say lead. So, if you solve the leads problem, the sales problem kind of automatically takes care of itself.

So, the most difficult part in sales is always the lead gen part. Once you get more people who are interested in talking with you at the table, the sales closures cannot take care of themselves automatically in most situations. So, the most difficult part in this is the lack of knowledge and the part of the inside sales which needs a lot of attention.

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