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What is the Journey of a Qualified lead? Answered by Kapil Khangaonkar-Clodura.AI

What is the journey of a qualified lead
The first step in a buyer’s journey is identifying their challenge. Once the individual or business becomes aware of their need, and if it matches what your product or service offers, they become your leads — someone who may eventually become a client. Evaluating the leads to ascertain whether they are worth spending your time, efforts, and resources on or not are called sales lead qualification. In simple terms, qualifying sales leads turns them into prospects. While the sales funnel may give you the impression that qualifying leads is a one-time affair and is only carried out in the discovery stage, in reality, it is a task required at each step.
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What is the Journey of a Qualified lead? : Video Script

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This is always the most favorite topic of debate between sales and marketing. What is lead? Let’s talk about it from two different aspects here. The definition of lead in CRM is actually a little different from what typically sales guys call a lead. Typically lead in a CRM any and everybody in your universe. So, anybody who actually is a good prospect for you or could be a good prospect for you is a lead in a CRM angle.

So, let’s say you’re targeting VP of Sales from It as companies in India and the US. And you have a list of, let’s say 50,000 contacts who match that profile. They may or may not have a lead requirement for you, but they are matching your profile of an ideal customer. Those actually all become leads in your CRM. That is how CRM treats them as leads when you try to reach out to them. If any one of them actually gives you a meeting or an appointment, that automatically becomes contact against whom you create an opportunity and an account in the CRM. So that is how CRM defines a lead.

When you come to sales guys when they say we are doing lead generation, they are not talking to all the contacts in your universe. They are basically calling the lead as somebody who’s actually giving you a meeting.

So, when you say a meeting from a sales angle, that actually is a contact in your CRM. So, there is a slight bit of difference between the two definitions here. But a clear way to understand it is a guy. When a sales guy says he got a meeting, that actually becomes a contact in a CRM. And that actually should resolve most of the debates in sales and marketing.

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