What are SQLs and how it is different from MQL?


Jan 01 1970

An MQL is typically defined by the sales and marketing team based on the customer lifecycle. But, broadly, an MQL is an individual who is interested in buying your products or services but is not yet absolutely ready to buy. The MQLs have the potential to be your buyers if nurtured rightly.
An SQL is an individual who is ready for one-on-one consultations with your sales team and is looking forward to receiving sales-focused content and support. The SQL is naturally the priority of the sales team when it is reviewing the customer lifecycle in the context of MQL vs SQL.


What's the Difference Between SQL & MQL? : Video Script

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MQL basically is a marketing-qualified lead. Typically, you get that from the marketing team when anybody visits your website or reads a specific article, or shows any kind of interest on your website about your product or services.

 So, the marketing team actually captures those leads, they qualify them as somebody who may be interested in your offerings and terms them as marketing qualified leads. Now, when those leads actually get further qualified for something called a bank, which is called B-A-N-T budget Authority need and time. So, if the same lead actually has the budget to buy your products or services today authority the person actually carries to do that, they have the need today to do it and the time right now is right for purchasing, then the lead actually qualifies for SQL, and then it is passed on to sales.

So typically, a lead from marketing to sales is passed if it is converted into an SQL where a salesperson can actually pick up a phone and then directly call another person to set up an appointment that actually becomes an SQL but otherwise anything which is not banned qualified is always termed as an NQL and not an SQL which is to be considered consumer marketing guys and not sales guys.

 So, this is a big differentiating factor between MQA and SQL.