What are the Characteristics of A Perfect Salesperson? Answered by Kapil Khangaonkar-Clodura.AI


Oct 21 2022

Whether it's merely selling a pen or persuading clients to buy an entire house, the art of making a sale requires an incredible set of skills. Selling any product, big or small, takes much more than simply reading off a script; it requires an ability to nurture trusting relationships and forge resilient bonds, making it a truly challenging prospect.


 What are the Characteristics of A Perfect Salesperson? : Video Transcript

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 So, if I'm looking at it from an HR angle, how to find a very good salesperson, I will look at somebody who can establish a relationship. Because when somebody is buying a product or a service, he is not buying a product or service from a Company, but first buying It From you as a Salesperson. So, If I Can't have a relationship with the Salesperson, there is rarely going to be a sale happening in that Process. So first, the most important thing in a salesperson is somebody who can establish a very good relationship with the customer.

Now The Second thing is somebody who’s coming up as a very confident Person. Now confidence is taken in a very wrong way. People think if you wear a suit or if you wear nice clothes, then confidence automatically comes. But confidence comes from conviction. And conviction only comes from knowledge. So, if a person or a salesperson knows everything about the product or services that he's selling, then the conviction automatically comes and which leads to confidence.

So, a salesperson almost always has to know everything about the product service that he's selling. If he knows everything about it, the confidence will automatically come and the relationship building will be a lot easier to process. So, he needs to be very thorough about What He Is trying to Sell or he should be able To At least understand in a later Process what he's trying to Sell. So that aptitude has to be there in the salesperson.

And then last, of course, the most important part is never to sell the features. When you're trying to sell the products or features of your services. Nobody is interested in the features. Typically, they all are looking at Somebody who's trying to give them a Solution. So always a sales guy who's trying to sell solutions to the customer is more Successful than some Send To sell Features to the Customer. So, all of these things are extremely important in salesforce.