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What’s the relationship between Sales & Marketing? Explained By Kapil Khangaonkar-Clodura.AI

Traditionally, sales and marketing are considered two different business functions. On the one hand, marketing relates to generating interest in the goods and services being sold, while sales refer to the set of defined activities that will convert a prospect into a buyer. However, both sales and marketing share a common goal: to create brand awareness, attract prospects, close deals, and generate revenue.

Video Transcript

What’s the relationship between Sales & Marketing? : Video Script

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So, the perfect marriage between sales and marketing as rightly thought of doesn’t exist it’s basically like any other marriage where you just can’t live with them and can’t live without him when the marketing team basically is passing on the leads to sales team there is an in-between layer typically which is called as an inside sales team.

So, if you’re passing on the league which is marketing qualified leads which are also called as MQLs are getting passed on to the inside sales team for further calling and you know emailing calling and further qualification marketing team actually has to understand that and validate that the band qualification is done which is a great budget Authority need and time, when you have done the bank qualification then the lead, is passed on to the inside sales team and then it further gets qualified for a call or a demo for the sales guys.

So, if that person is set up correctly then typically there is no friction between marketing and sales but the freshmen always happen in terms of when the lead comes in the marketing will say that this is our lead and a sales guy will say no no we spoke with this guy three months ago and now he’s come back or somebody else on the team has registered for a trial or whatever.

So, this lead belongs to us so that’s a very very common point of agitation between marketing and sales so, to clearly resolve that you have to have very very straightforward rules which are agreed upon by both marketing and sales. so, when a marketing team gets any lead ideally they should go and check in the CRM if the lead already exists. If it does exist is there any communication happening on the lead if there is communication then the lead gets automatically passed on to sales.

if there is no communication then the marketing guy will own the lead later on the sales guys cannot typically come and say, okay no I spoke with this guy but I forgot to update CRM, and so on and so forth because that typically is the opportunity loss for it so if you have a very clear set of rules defined between marketing and sales you can reach very close to having a perfect marriage but yes I mean there will always be friction where you know things may not go that well but that time I think you know both teams have to come together and resolve those issues

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