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The Evolution Of Lead Generation, Explained By Kapil Khangaonkar-Clodura.AI

Lead generation has long been a critical component for businesses. When implemented successfully, lead generation strategies create solid relationships with qualified clients who are eager to invest in your business for a long time. With the advent of AI, this task is becoming easier than ever before, allowing businesses to reap benefits that weren’t possible earlier.

Video Transcript

The Evolution Of Lead Generation: Video Script

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So Led-gen actually has evolved a lot in the last five to seven years. When we were doing Lead gen about 15 years ago, the process was very, very simple. It was very straightforward, all manual. If you take the typical B, two B Led-gen process into account, a sales guy typically would go to LinkedIn.

First, he will make a list of all the companies that he wants to reach out to. Then he will go one by one into those companies and find out all the contacts in those companies that he wants to reach out to. Then he will do the manual process offering their email IDs and phone numbers. However, if he can do that, then he will create a campaign. Then he’ll, of course, first validate the data and then he will add them to a campaign. And then the first campaign will happen, then the calling, and then the linking.

So, all of this basically was a very straightforward, singular method, which of course takes a lot of time. Typically, a sales guy would do about25 to 30 companies in a day. So, the only way to scale up this process was to hire more sales guys and increase your team size to fasten the process up. Today, of course, things are a lot different. You have a lot of automation tools available at your disposal. You have databases available at your disposal.

So whatever contacts you identify from LinkedIn, you can find the data of those contacts in the database. You can then create that list faster and then reach out to those contacts a lot faster. So, a guy who was doing about 25-30 contacts in a day, typically can do about 100 people campaigns very easily in a day using databases, flow or Play databases. And of course, now there are much more advanced tools also coming up in the market which are automating this entire process and bringing this hundred-people campaign down to an hour’s time.

So, Led-gen actually has evolved a lot. The only challenge still remaining in the Led-gen process evolution is the use of intent. And that is the most critical piece of the whole thing. So instead of going and selling whatever you’re offering to everybody, if sales guys can use intent to figure out which companies or contacts actually need my services today, that actually will give them a lot more results and the meetings actually will be much more meaningful. So that evolution, I think, still is in process.

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