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Different signals in understanding the buyer’s intent.

How to Understand the buyer's intent

B2B Buying Intent Signals to Close More Sales Deals As sales professionals, we understand the worth of finding companies that have a genuine need for our products, services, or solutions. Finding & approaching companies with a need for your offerings is the right start for your sales prospecting journey. Buyer intent data is a consolidated data set of various buying signals that tell us which companies or prospects are actively searching for solutions like ours.

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How to understand the buyer’s intent? : Video Script

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Are there a lot of different kinds of intents available which will help you understand at what level is your buyer is right now in terms of your buying purchase decisions now for example in terms of sales qualified intent you can identify our various things, you know for example a CI of a company and going and announcing for digitization or in their funding announcements that they have said that they will Implement ABCD things, in our in the next six months of the money spend or they’ve suddenly started hiring for various kinds of resources. are they looking for a Pyramid structure team, they’re looking for a flat structure team, what technologies are they looking to hire right now suddenly they have hired let’s say a head office digitization in a company which they never had earlier so now they want to definitely do something about it.

So, companies going for patents, companies going for growth, companies not growing the sinking in size are Outsourcing work there are so many other ways in which you can identify if the company actually is you know having a requirement or not or they have a problem or not. Well, we’ve seen cases where if you just even identify issues with the company you can actually come up with a solution to open up conversations and open gates for the company. For example, you know somebody had an issue with a manager managing the data centers, and a data center implementation guy approached them and told them, hey you know this is how I can fix your issue and save your money once they got this they actually said yes the meeting makes sense and let’s talk about it.

So, in all of these cases basically, there are multiple ways in which you can do this which will make sense to a sales guy to reach out and set up a meeting for them so buyer intents are absolutely tracked by sales guys they’ll definitely help you in terms of sending up more meaningful meetings and convert those meetings into sales opportunities foreign.

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