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How to find the right prospect? Explained By Kapil Khangaonkar-Clodura.AI

The responsibilities that lie within the sales team of every business is of utmost significance. Their contribution to the company simply cannot be overlooked. After all, what good is a business where there are no clients to do business with or how to Prospects for sales lead? Whether it is for the better or worse, technology has changed everything about lead generation. Gone are the days of cold calling. In modern times, the leads are found online. However, when there are so many platforms and mediums where prospects exist, it can be a time-consuming process to figure out what works for your business, and what does not. Improper management can lead to the wastage of insurmountable time, which could be otherwise used by your sales team on leads that actually might close.

Video Transcript

How to find the right prospect? : Video Script

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You can actually figure out to a large extent if your customers are looking to buy your offerings or not. now let’s take look at it from the perspective of somebody who wants to buy something okay let’s say I want to implement something in IoT today now as a first thing let’s say thought that comes to my mind of implementing IoT what will I do, let’s say I go to a few of the sites right now like there is Tech Target, there are Quora, there is These are all Tech sites which will give me a lot of information about how to implement this.

If I actually have an interest in doing this, I will go and sort some information there. This data basically gets passed on to the marketing guys as ABM-qualified ABM platforms do and that basically becomes a marketing-qualified lead. So, if a marketing team is trying to reach out to me at this stage then they will get that information about me through an ABM platform I reach a certain Next Level stage for example a CEO or a CI of my company goes and announces that yes you know I we as a company we want to implement IoT or we let’s say get funded and in the funding announcement we say that we will be spending this money on an actual IoT implementation or my HR suddenly starts hiring 10 people for IoT deployment, or they hire a very senior person in my organization for IoT implementation now all of these are actual current level signals which are which will tell me that I don’t just have an intent, or thought about implementing but I’m actually doing it today that actually becomes a sales qualified intent and that kind of intent can be directly consumed by sales guys for actually calling up and reaching out to that Prosperity ending up meetings the initial level of intent can be a consumer.

Marketing guys further nurtured me. I’ll ask myself if I am ready to actually implement it or if I’m just still thinking about it, these are two different kinds of intents available in the market today. a sales-qualified intent and a marketing-qualified intent you have to choose which one you’re looking for typically marketing qualified marketing teams will go for ABM kind of a solution where they can show them better ads and qualify the Prospect and the sales guys who are who want to set up more meeting will get to sales qualified intent to set up more meetings for them.

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