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Dealing with Daily Sales Rejections? Learn Resilience and Motivation Strategies

A Sales job is no easy task, and there is a lot more science to it than what meets the eye. A good salesperson is someone who offers more than an excellent pitch. They are persistent, empathetic, and know how to handle rejection. The focus shifts to three key aspects when we speak about B2B sales. From generating leads to setting up meetings and finally converting them into sales, that's the gist of B2B sales.

Video Transcript

How to deal with rejection in sales and stay motivated? : Video Script

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Rejection actually is a part of the sales process as such, right? Typically, rejection happens to people who are actually doing a lot of cold calling or warm calling these days. So, they are very, very scared in terms of making more calls because they are afraid. What is the other person I’m going to say? So this is the most important challenge that every sales guy has to overcome at some point in time.

The idea is to make it more fun. When you know your maths, it actually does not feel like you’re doing a lot of work along with it. So, to explain that, basically, let’s say you have about 25 calls that you make. If you make 25 calls, you are going to talk with, let’s say, three people out of those and you’re going to get one appointment in it. If you know this maths, you can expect that two people are going to say no to you and then you will look for that one person who’s going to say yes. So, it actually takes away that negative energy from the rejections and you actually look forward to that one person saying yes to it. So, the basic thing to understand is nobody is rejecting you as a person. They’re only rejecting the offering that you’re making right now.

So, we need to learn how to not take it personally. We need to understand that rejection is not for us and we need to look forward to that one success that we get after a couple of failures. So, if you know your maths correctly, how many calls do you need to make to get one? Yes. Then you can always neglect the negative responses in between and look for the positive ones, which will keep you motivated. We used to have little scoreboards on the floor where people used to go and say, how many negative replies did you get today? How many people yelled at you? How many people bang the phone down? And every time that is to happen, the whole team is to go and collapses for the guy to cheer him up.

So, you can do all of this gamification around it. Make that process fun. It’s no fun taking rejections alone. So do it with the team. Do it with the whole process executed. So, it actually will definitely help you in terms of keeping that negative energy apart and focusing on the positive outcomes from the process.

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