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Packaging and Containers

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +43 5522 518410
  • Website

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People working in Rondo Ganahl AG

David H
Head of ITInfrastructure *******@********** ********6998
Martin Vorraber
Team Leader sales ***************@********** ********6393
Midhad Hodzic
Head of SAP Services... *************@********** ********6349
Mark Kanamuller
Sales Director ***************@********** ********3270
Mehmet Kaymak
Sales Manager *************@********** ********0178
Vajaian Iulian
Area Sales Manager **************@********** ********0573
Radu Iulian
Area Sales Manager Moldova... ******@********** ********6006
Hamdi Burtul
Sales Specialist ************@********** ********3014
Faruk Gure
Sales Support Specialist **********@********** ********0320
Gerd Casagrande
Key Accounts Manager ***************@********** ********5859
Csaba Borocz
Sales Manager Hungary ************@********** ********0521
Christian Haslinger
Sales Manager *******************@********** ********0953
Ilayda Gorgulu
Sales Support Specialist **************@********** ********2001
Oznur Azak
Executive Assistant Sales Support... **********@********** ********4687
Sandor Horvath
Shift Supervisor **************@********** ********7884
Zoltan Vaczi
Area Sales Manager ************@********** ********2336
Semre Er
General Manager ********@********** ********8666
Ahmet Caner
Quality Specialist ************@********** ********3014
Patrick S
KeyAccountManager *********@********** ********7621
Ernst Kogler
Senior Key Account Manager... ************@********** ********3682
Janos Hoz
Maintenance Manager *********@********** ********0157
Sinisa Zadravec
Werkfuhrer ***************@********** ********6740
Markus Grohsmann
Solution Architect BI ****************@********** ********2696
Fulep Sebastian
Information Technology System Network... ***************@********** ********3117
David Lukucz
Information Technology System Administrator... ************@********** ********7294
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Products & Technologies used at Rondo Ganahl AG

Products used at RONDO GANAHL AG
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Frequently asked questions about Rondo Ganahl AG

  1. What does RONDO GANAHL AG's do?
    Your expert for paper, corrugated board, packaging and recycling
  2. What is RONDO GANAHL AG's industry?
    Rondo ganahl ag operates in Packaging and containers industry.
  3. What is RONDO GANAHL AG's HQ phone number?
    Rondo ganahl ag's HQ Phone number is +43 5522 518410
  4. What is RONDO GANAHL AG's revenue?
    Rondo ganahl ag's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is RONDO GANAHL AG's company size?
    Rondo ganahl ag's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is RONDO GANAHL AG's official website? is official website of Rondo ganahl ag.