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  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact
  • Website

Were Americas Diner and we love to feed people - body, mind and soul View More

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Late Night View More

People working in Dennys

Emily Lopez
Coffeehouse keeper caf owner... e*****@***** ********6848
Holly Agassi
OwnerOperator h******@***** ********5487
Lisa Cowan
Owner l*****@***** ********4534
Kinley Peterson
Owner k********@***** ********4705
Mahmoud Aljadael
Owner m********@***** ********5032
Gurinderjit Grewal
Franchise Owner g******@***** ********5167
Asif Ghaffar
Owner a*******@***** ********0943
Delia Esqueda
Restaurant Owner d*******@***** ********7479
Gurlip Gill
Owner g****@***** ********8443
Carl Ferland
Owner c*******@***** ********2816
John Appleseed
Owner j*********@***** ********7103
Frank Rocha
Owner f*****@***** ********6263
Veena Kamboj
Business Owner V***********@***** ********7923
Alaina Jacobs
Business Owner a******@***** ********0623
Ben Bagnas
Owner b******@***** ********6623
Sushil Yadav
Franchise OwnerOperator s*****@***** ********5758
Noman Shokat
Company Owner n******@***** ********8286
Marik Chernyavsky
Owner m***********@***** ********7871
Bree Taylor
Company Owner b******@***** ********7913
Kamal Gupta
Owner k*****@***** ********5504
Keith Etter
Owner k*****@***** ********8161
Delia Esqueda
Restaurant Owner d*******@***** ********3051
Maissae Daghash
Owner m*******@***** ********1656
Chris Hudson
Owner c******@***** ********7174
Luisa Young
Business Owner l*****@***** ********2347
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Products & Technologies used at Dennys

Technology Stack used at DENNYS
Assessment Mobile Food safety Media Communication Sanitation Operations Packaging Customer service Scheduling Staffing Server Payment Security Financial Compliance Windows Troubleshooting Device management Infrastructure
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Products used at DENNYS
Director Stars Teamwork Taste Origin Sheets Vmware Adminstudio Excel Word Zoom Powerpoint Seeks Webex Workstream Cms Servicenow Workplace Corona Ultimate
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Frequently asked questions about Dennys

  1. What does DENNYS's do?
    Were Americas Diner and we love to feed people - body, mind and soul
  2. What are Dennys's specialities?
    Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner , Late night
  3. What is DENNYS's industry?
    Dennys operates in Restaurants industry.
  4. What is DENNYS's revenue?
    Dennys's revenue is 1b+
  5. What is DENNYS's company size?
    Dennys's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is DENNYS's official website? is official website of Dennys.