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Apparel & Fashion

  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +84 24 7303 0222
  • Website

CANIFA is a leading fashion company in Vietnam which designs, manufactures and markets womens, mens and childrens clothing and accessories View More

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People working in Canifa

Y Nguyen
Operation tem leader *@****
Thai Le
Human Resources Business Partner... ****@****
Thai Hong
Human Resources Business Partner... ****@****
Hai Tran
Brand Manager ****@****
Trang Vu
Store Manager ******@****
Tung Thanh
HR Manager ****@****
Mia Dang
Customer Service Officer ***@****
Linh Nhat
HR Manager *****@****
Khanh Hoang
Digital Marketing Manager ******@****
Trung Do
UX/UI Lead ******@****
Solution Total
Human Resources Manager *********@****
Thanh Nguyen
Operations Manager *****@****
Phan Chi
Recruitment Specialist ****@****
Tho Nguyen
Customer Service Manager ****@****
Phuong Nguyen
Sales Marketing Manager *******@****
Khanh Tran
Area Sales Manager ******@****
Nhan Hanh
Human Resources Manager ****@****
Hong Tham
Manager *****@****
Tuananh Nguyen
Search Engine Optimization Specialist... ********@****
Hieu Nguyen
Sale senior *****@****
Thuan Vo
Graphic Designer *****@****
Duong Nguyen
Fashion Designer ******@****
Tuan Lk
Fashion Designer *****@****
Ao Chau
Graphic Designer **@****
Ngoc Linh
Fashion Designer *****@****
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Products & Technologies used at Canifa

Products used at CANIFA
Aws Odoo Cms Tank Root Vue Max Links Magento F5 Flex Glide Access Elasticsearch Gift Nginx Redis Pages
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  • Amazon Web Services
    Amazon Web Services

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  • Sectigo

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  • HSTS

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  • Sendinblue

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Frequently asked questions about Canifa

  1. What does CANIFA's do?
    CANIFA is a leading fashion company in Vietnam which designs, manufactures and markets womens, mens and childrens clothing and accessories
  2. What are Canifa's specialities?
    Retail fashion
  3. What is CANIFA's industry?
    Canifa operates in Apparel & fashion industry.
  4. What is CANIFA's HQ phone number?
    Canifa's HQ Phone number is +84 24 7303 0222
  5. What is CANIFA's revenue?
    Canifa's revenue is 1b+
  6. What is CANIFA's company size?
    Canifa's has 10000+ people working.
  7. What is CANIFA's official website? is official website of Canifa.