Get Access To 120M Direct Dials Today

We understand how frustrating and time-consuming it could be to navigate through company switchboards. Do not lose your precious selling time on dealing with gatekeepers and switchboards. Give your sales the chance to reach and connect with the decision-makers directly. Give yourself the power of direct dial phone numbers. 

The Result? 

Higher Call Connect Ratio, Sales Efficiency & Profitability

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Boost Your Connect Rate

Achieve extraordinary connect rate with the decision-makers with Clodura’s 120 Million human-verified direct-dial phone numbers. Stack the odds in your favor by skipping the switchboards & operators, boosting your chances to make more connects, and spending more time doing active selling.

Increase Your Sales Efficiency

Direct-dial phone numbers have an immediate impact on sales efficiency. The amount of time that it takes to locate and contact leads can be saved by three-folds by eliminating the time wasted in dealing with switchboards & operators.

Tool Usage
Tool Usage

Increase Your Profitability

Sales teams with access to direct dials end up shelling out lesser resources to chase the leads and convert them. All this and more leads to a noticeable reduction in the lead acquisition costs. Since sales targets can be met faster using direct dial numbers, the extra time can be invested in expanding the sales funnel by reaching out to more prospects.

The Go-to Sales Technology for Businesses of All Sizes

Clodura is now #1-ranked Leader, High Performer, and Most Loved in
Sales Intelligence, Lead Intelligence, and Sales Engagement Solution on G2.

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