Win More Deals By Tracking These Top 3 B2B Buying Intent Signals

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May 18 2021


Top 3 B2B Buying Intent Signals to Close More Sales Deals
As sales professionals, we understand the worth of finding companies that have a genuine need for our products, services, or solutions. Finding & approaching companies with a need for your offerings is the right start for your sales prospecting journey.

Buyer intent data is a consolidated data set of various buying signals that tell us which companies or prospects are actively searching for solutions like ours.

These buying signals help you prioritize your prospects from your TAM and tailor hyper- personalized pitches for your outreach campaigns.

Let us look at the TOP 3 BUYING SIGNALS that every sales professional must be tracking and using to win more deals.

  1. Hiring Areas:
    Hiring Areas is one of the top sales triggers to identify companies that are building or scaling their workforce in a particular function or around a skill set. Hiring area signals tell us that a company is investing towards building its capabilities in these areas. So, in this case most likely companies would be also investing in new tools, technologies, infrastructure enabling the teams to perform.

Example: Your company has a platform that is used for Data Visualization or your company provides data engineering services. And you have a list of prospect companies that are building teams in Data Engineering & Data Science. Since these prospects are investing in build their capabilities around Data so it makes real sense to put your data solutions in front of such prospects.

  1. Funding:
    Funding rounds could be a key indicator to find if a company suits your TAM. Any recent funding round is always coupled with a string of growth & investment plans. As sales professionals, we should find out the future roadmap for these funded companies and position our solutions in alignment with the prospect’s growth plans.

Example: A new round of funding announcement is made by a SaaS product company on your radar. So this is bound to be followed by new initiatives, investments & opportunities in various fronts of a company. Hence it always makes sense to re-connect with the key contacts in the company to discuss the initiatives they are planning post their funding round. And understand how do these initiatives turn into opportunities for your company.

  1. Key Employment Changes:
    Employment changes could be common in your prospect list of decision-makers & influencers. Every new person on board brings in fresh ideas, plans, budgets & opportunities. Hence, it becomes imperative to get introduced to the new person in charge before your competitors do.

Example: On average 25% of your sales prospecting lists keep changing annually because of job changes. Hence it is important to connect with the new prospects and build new relationships because every new appointment is a new door ready to be knocked and opened for new sales opportunities.

Right buying signals at the right time can help you find the best leads and shorten the sales cycle tremendously. Clodura tracks your TAM and helps you discover over 25 buying signals that are served to you on a real-time basis.