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Worthing Hospital Logo

Worthing Hospital

Hospital & Health Care

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact
  • Website

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People working in Worthing Hospital

Wendy Driscoll
interim business manager to... w*************@****** ********6044
Sally Lincoln
LEAD PHARMACIST CANCER SERVICES... s************@****** ********0473
Catherine Cornford
Senior Pharmacist Medical Lead... c*****************@****** ********9017
Clare Dikken
lead cancer nurse c***********@****** ********5592
Angelika Madejek
team leader a***************@****** ********1736
Gianluca Colucci
Consultant General and Colorectal... g***************@****** ********0685
Lyndsay Cuming
gp specialist trainee l*************@****** ********7835
Surajit Das
Consultant s**********@****** ********6957
Pete Coburn
Consultant Dermatologist p**********@****** ********7672
Panayiotou Stellios
Consultant Anaesthetist p******************@****** ********0659
Garg Anil
Consultant Paediatrician g********@****** ********7947
Krishna Singh
Consultant Surgeon k************@****** ********0562
Villis Sue
Accommodation Manager v*********@****** ********3752
Aneta Lloyd
Assistant Manager a**********@****** ********7021
Howard Wakeling
Consultant Anaesthetist h**************@****** ********0731
Nick Jarrett
theatre manager n***********@****** ********3463
Stephen Copeland
Cardiac Manager s***************@****** ********7872
Alison Byatt
DES Programme Manager a***********@****** ********9766
Mandy Grocutt
Consultant m************@****** ********6535
Kathy Williams
Consultant cardiologist k*************@****** ********2056
Chris Reid
Decontamination Manager c*********@****** ********2926
Gordon Caldwell
Consultant Physician g**************@****** ********0918
Geethika Bandaranayake
Specialist Registrar g*********************@****** ********3097
Lorna Miliffe
radiography and Service Manager... l************@****** ********7516
Andrew Lindsay
clinical skills and simulation... a*************@****** ********5270
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Products & Technologies used at Worthing Hospital

Technology Stack used at WORTHING HOSPITAL
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Products used at WORTHING HOSPITAL
Azure Informatica
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Frequently asked questions about Worthing Hospital

  1. What does WORTHING HOSPITAL's do?
    An NHS hospital
  2. What is WORTHING HOSPITAL's industry?
    Worthing hospital operates in Hospital & health care industry.
  3. What is WORTHING HOSPITAL's revenue?
    Worthing hospital's revenue is 501m - 1b
  4. What is WORTHING HOSPITAL's company size?
    Worthing hospital's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  5. What is WORTHING HOSPITAL's official website? is official website of Worthing hospital.