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  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +1 888-527-1441
  • Website westerndigital.com

At Western Digital we create data storage solutions that power the technology of today and inspire the innovations of tomorrow. View More

Big Data Cloud Storage Data Center Storage... HDD Helium HDD Backup Recovery Data Federation Virtualization Personal Storage Cloud Computing SQL SSD SQL Data Storage... VDI Flash Memory Storage... NVMe Memory Card Embedded Storage USB Storage SSD Object Storage Software Storage Solutions Data Technology View More

People working in Western Digital

Insoo Yoon
Vice President, NAND Design... **********@*dc.com
Salman Alam
Vice President, Legal ***********@*dc.com
Soumyajit Das
Principal Engineer *************@*dc.com
Pradeep Sreedhar
Principal Engineer, Firmware Engineering... ****************@*dc.com
Sreeram Palvadi
Principal Engineer ***************@*dc.com
Chandra Vandari
Principal Engineer ***************@*dc.com
Pavan D
Principal Engineer, System Design... *******@*dc.com
Niranjana Bhatta
Principal Firmware Engineer ****************@*dc.com
Jinyoung Kim
Principal System Engineer ************@*dc.com
Ojasvi Garg
Principal Engineer ***********@*dc.com
Nandan M
Principal Engineer ********@*dc.com
Sudhanshu Tripathi
Principal Engineer ******************@*dc.com
Sarvesh Gupta
Principal Firmware Engineer *************@*dc.com
Raghavendra Nerella
Principal Engineer *******************@*dc.com
Pushpendra Sharma
Principal Engineer *****************@*dc.com
Imran Imran
Principal Engineer ***********@*dc.com
Sudhan Immanuel
Principal Engineer - Hardware... ***************@*dc.com
George Kc
Principal Engineer *********@*dc.com
Arunkumar Bhat
Principal Engineer **************@*dc.com
Arun A
Principal Engineer ******@*dc.com
Neha Gupta
Principal Engineer **********@*dc.com
Robin Chalana
Principal Engineer, System Design... *************@*dc.com
Purushotham Reddy
Principal Engineer *****************@*dc.com
Arushi Mehta
Principal Engineer ************@*dc.com
Kiranmai Pendyala
Head of Human Resources... *****************@*dc.com
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Products & Technologies used at Western Digital

Technology Stack used at WESTERN DIGITAL
Change management Stp Collaboration Financial Data analysis Payment Flash 3par Access management Accessibility Active directory Ahb Ahb axi Android Apb Ar Assessment Ata Audio-visual Automotive
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Products used at WESTERN DIGITAL
Outlook Word Origin Workplace Access Fusion Adobe experience manager Aem Aop Apache Apache sling Augment Basecamp Board Buildout Business objects Cadence Captivate Cisco Clustering
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Frequently asked questions about Western Digital

  1. What does WESTERN DIGITAL's do?
    At Western Digital we create data storage solutions that power the technology of today and inspire the innovations of tomorrow.
  2. What are Western Digital's specialities?
    Big data , Cloud storage , Data center storage , Hdd , Helium hdd , Backup recovery , Data federation , Virtualization , Personal storage , Cloud computing , Sql ssd , Sql data storage , Vdi , Flash memory storage , Nvme , Memory card , Embedded storage , Usb storage , Ssd , Object storage , Software , Storage solutions , Data technology
  3. What is WESTERN DIGITAL's industry?
    Western digital operates in Computer hardware industry.
  4. What is WESTERN DIGITAL's HQ phone number?
    Western digital's HQ Phone number is +1 888-527-1441
  5. What is WESTERN DIGITAL's revenue?
    Western digital's revenue is 1b+
  6. What is WESTERN DIGITAL's company size?
    Western digital's has 10000+ people working.
  7. What is WESTERN DIGITAL's official website?
    www.westerndigital.com is official website of Western digital.