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  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact
  • Website gvillewater.com

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People working in Water Board

Jayantha Ratiyala
Personal Secretary *********@*********er.com ********4383
Nnekagladys Wilson
Federal Officer *******@*********er.com ********1709
Upul Gunarathna
General Manager ***********@*********er.com ********9517
Nick Geldof
Project Manager *******@*********er.com ********2952
Udawattage Ratnapala
Assistant General Manager **********@*********er.com ********7636
Vijitha Mudiyanselage
senior commercial officer uva... **************@*********er.com ********1751
Gayan Buddhika
Management Assistant *********@*********er.com ********3141
Upali Gajanayake
Operations Manager ***********@*********er.com ********5035
Iresha Gunasinghe
Management Assistant ***********@*********er.com ********5203
Poorni Gunarathne
management assistant ***********@*********er.com ********7889
Alfred Mastron
Manager ********@*********er.com ********0403
Darshi Wanniarachchi
Assistant Management **************@*********er.com ********2560
Nilakshi Jayathilake
Key Account Manager ************@*********er.com ********2857
Zainab Zubair
Senior Scientific Officer *******@*********er.com ********3783
Vincent Rees
Finance Manager *****@*********er.com ********0067
Chisomo Namuthu
manager ********@*********er.com ********4838
Thilini Kalugampitiya
Management Assistant **************@*********er.com ********1472
Samantha Jenkins
Manager ********@*********er.com ********8486
Leshan Silva
manager supplies ******@*********er.com ********9870
Russ Vesci
Waste Management Specialist ******@*********er.com ********3736
Oshani Fernando
Management Assistant *********@*********er.com ********7746
Mike Berny
Manager ******@*********er.com ********1821
Rukshan Wick
Technical Officer *****@*********er.com ********4494
Joey Rose
Field Supervisor Bluefield Storm... *****@*********er.com ********4169
Emma Mwale
Supervisor ******@*********er.com ********8908
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Products & Technologies used at Water Board

Products used at WATER BOARD
Tableau Board
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Frequently asked questions about Water Board

  1. What does WATER BOARD's do?
    national water supply & drainage board
  2. What is WATER BOARD's industry?
    Water board operates in Utilities industry.
  3. What is WATER BOARD's revenue?
    Water board's revenue is 1b+
  4. What is WATER BOARD's company size?
    Water board's has 10000+ people working.
  5. What is WATER BOARD's official website?
    www.gvillewater.com is official website of Water board.