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UCM Resita Logo

UCM Resita

Industrial Automation

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +40 255 207 719
  • Website View More

People working in UCM Resita

Florin Lazics
Head of Energetic Department... f******@** ********6507
Cosmin Firu
Head of heat treatment... c****@** ********7719
Cosmin F
Head of heat treatment... c******@** ********8371
Toca Cornelia
Asistent Director t********@** ********8636
Pop Sorina
Director Economic p******@** ********8685
Marcela Iuga
Manager contracte m****@** ********1723
Peia Pascut
consultant inmanagement p******@** ********8704
Alina Monica
Project Manager a******@** ********9793
Ignat Mariana
Project Manager i*******@** ********2159
Mitru Marta
project manager m*****@** ********8984
Daniela Iordanescu
Manager d**********@** ********6321
Oprea Elena
Project Specialist o*****@** ********1359
Cosmin Csercsey
System Engineer c********@** ********3833
Simona Gurgu
Engineer s*****@** ********2292
Attila Szabo
engineer a*****@** ********7477
Petru Lala
Engineer p****@** ********0467
Petru Chircovici
Inginer mecanic p**********@** ********9405
Costinel Olaru
Financial Economist c*****@** ********9639
Ioan Fleser
Inginer Proiectant i******@** ********3283
Ramesh Patil
Materials r*****@** ********8545
Iuliu Theer
*********** i*****@** ********3857
Codruta Moldovan
TEHNICIAN NORMARE SALARIZARE c********@** ********9317
Luminita Mitrovici
inginer l*********@** ********4500
Adrian Chebutiu
Mr. a********@** ********7007
Liliana Cordos
Analyst l******@** ********2751
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Frequently asked questions about UCM Resita

  1. What does UCM RESITA's do?
  2. What is UCM RESITA's industry?
    Ucm resita operates in Industrial automation industry.
  3. What is UCM RESITA's HQ phone number?
    Ucm resita's HQ Phone number is +40 255 207 719
  4. What is UCM RESITA's revenue?
    Ucm resita's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is UCM RESITA's company size?
    Ucm resita's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is UCM RESITA's official website? is official website of Ucm resita.