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  • Revenue 101M - 500M
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact
  • Website gottwbowls.com

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People working in Tupperware

Leenakaisa Toots
Team Leader ***************@********re.com ********3340
Sonja Bachmann
Team Leader *************@********re.com ********4124
Marcia Brown
Executive Business Leader Hooray... ***********@********re.com ********4217
Ericka Giacomo
Business Leader *************@********re.com ********4354
Isabelle Mercier
leader ***************@********re.com ********0426
Eduardo Bana
Head of Iberia ***********@********re.com ********7175
Roberta Smith
Team Leader ************@********re.com ********4612
Iolanda Lanna
Team leader ************@********re.com ********4682
Christel Mccaskey
Director ****************@********re.com ********8317
Deanna Geppert
Director *************@********re.com ********1587
Sandra Abbott
Director ************@********re.com ********5684
Crystal Eddins
Star Director *************@********re.com ********6101
Dorra Chaabane
director *************@********re.com ********6687
Allison Strand
Director *************@********re.com ********7714
Pam Silva
Director Tupperware ********@********re.com ********5725
Kathleen Armstrong
Director *****************@********re.com ********0826
Connie Rosendahl
director ***************@********re.com ********4440
Kathy Shackelford
Director Independant Consultant ****************@********re.com ********7158
Mardell Wirtz
Director ************@********re.com ********8130
Josie Evansphillips
Director ******************@********re.com ********6984
Bonnie Easton
Tupperware Director ************@********re.com ********9935
Manuel Silva
Senior Director ***********@********re.com ********6432
Donna Smith
Director ***************@********re.com ********4700
Pang Jenny
Director *********@********re.com ********2172
Stephanie Liston
Star Director ***************@********re.com ********4231
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Frequently asked questions about Tupperware

  1. What does TUPPERWARE's do?
    For life time guaranteed kitchen products visit www.gotTWbowls.com
  2. What is TUPPERWARE's industry?
    Tupperware operates in Retail industry.
  3. What is TUPPERWARE's revenue?
    Tupperware's revenue is 101m - 500m
  4. What is TUPPERWARE's company size?
    Tupperware's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  5. What is TUPPERWARE's official website?
    www.gottwbowls.com is official website of Tupperware.