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Tunisian Armed Forces


  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact
  • Website mdn.tn

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People working in Tunisian Armed Forces

Toumi Hafedh
Ex Senior Colonel Army... ************@mdn.tn ********6523
Wissem Maghraoui
Security Consultant ****************@mdn.tn ********2029
Hamza Aarfi
Military Officer ***********@mdn.tn ********9567
Dhia Medhioub
Security Officer *************@mdn.tn ********2945
Aladin Lahouar
Transportation Logistics Manager **************@mdn.tn ********0075
Selmi Becem
Lieutenant Logistics Transportation Manager... ***********@mdn.tn ********5548
Mezlini Walid
Military Officer *************@mdn.tn ********3728
Mohamed Mihoubi
chemist Mil Officer ***************@mdn.tn ********5744
Ramzi Hizaoui
Military officer *************@mdn.tn ********5930
Hamza Barhoumi
Army Officer **************@mdn.tn ********9399
Laaribi Mohamed
Army Officer ***************@mdn.tn ********3766
Leith Eden
Military Officer **********@mdn.tn ********0753
Haf Bch
Assistant Manager *******@mdn.tn ********6649
Ali Selmi
Army Officer *********@mdn.tn ********7886
Fraj Arab
Maintenace and Logistics Manager... *********@mdn.tn ********7973
Rayen Fraihi
Miltary officer ************@mdn.tn ********4390
Dj Goe
Army Officer ******@mdn.tn ********1158
Hafsia Mahmoud
Officer **************@mdn.tn ********0038
Amine Souissi
Military Captain Group Manager... *************@mdn.tn ********7093
Sami Yousfi
Logistics Officer ***********@mdn.tn ********5621
Magoo Romdhani
Administrator **************@mdn.tn ********5943
Dalila Chne
Application Developer ***********@mdn.tn ********8421
Gaith Najlawi
Civil Engineer *************@mdn.tn ********9659
Mouhamedamine Belhajsalah
Software Engineer *************************@mdn.tn ********7893
Maher Mnassri
Project Engineer *************@mdn.tn ********9459
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Frequently asked questions about Tunisian Armed Forces

  1. What does TUNISIAN ARMED FORCES's do?
    Tunisian Armed Forces
  2. What is TUNISIAN ARMED FORCES's industry?
    Tunisian armed forces operates in Military industry.
  3. What is TUNISIAN ARMED FORCES's revenue?
    Tunisian armed forces's revenue is 1b+
  4. What is TUNISIAN ARMED FORCES's company size?
    Tunisian armed forces's has 10000+ people working.
  5. What is TUNISIAN ARMED FORCES's official website?
    www.mdn.tn is official website of Tunisian armed forces.