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Trollhattans Stad

Government Administration

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +46 520 49 50 00
  • Website

The municipality of Trollhattan is a big employer and have the seponsibility for all local goverment services View More

People working in Trollhattans Stad

Marcus Rudstrom
Tourmanager Head of entertainment... ***************@******** ********3346
Klas Nilsson
InformationssakerhetssamordnareDataskyddsombudData Protection Officer ************@******** ********1366
Duck Risberg
Welfare manager ************@******** ********6947
Martin Linner
Project Manager *************@******** ********6590
Hanna Melin
Communications Officer ***********@******** ********9060
Ebba Ebba
Specialist utbildad underskoterska *********@******** ********7654
Martin Linner
Project Manager *************@******** ********1169
Isabella Agardius
HRspecialist *****************@******** ********5753
Anna Ohlson
HRspecialist ***********@******** ********3363
Malin Fransson
HRspecialist **************@******** ********2555
Carolina Lindblom
HRspecialist *****************@******** ********1612
Andreas Gleisner
Public Relations Officer ****************@******** ********2404
Katerina Marko
Lead Preschool Teacher **************@******** ********9211
Ola Runfors
HRcontroller ***********@******** ********1690
Thomas Johansson
HRhandlaggare ****************@******** ********3415
Jackeline Caroca
Loneadministrator ****************@******** ********6874
Ingela Gummesson
Systemadministrator ****************@******** ********3607
Hanna Olsson
Administrator ************@******** ********9025
Jan Ydergren
HRStrateg ************@******** ********7726
Johan Ekelund
Network System Engineer *************@******** ********1744
Torvald Brahm
Business Developer *************@******** ********1659
Shams Faraj
Urban Developer ***********@******** ********7163
Marie Froden
Covid tester ************@******** ********6674
Claes Miene
Vaktmastare ***********@******** ********6790
Isabelle Larsson
Socialsekreterare ****************@******** ********5560
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Products & Technologies used at Trollhattans Stad

Products used at TROLLHATTANS STAD
Fame Root
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Frequently asked questions about Trollhattans Stad

  1. What does TROLLHATTANS STAD's do?
    The municipality of Trollhattan is a big employer and have the seponsibility for all local goverment services
  2. What is TROLLHATTANS STAD's industry?
    Trollhattans stad operates in Government administration industry.
  3. What is TROLLHATTANS STAD's HQ phone number?
    Trollhattans stad's HQ Phone number is +46 520 49 50 00
  4. What is TROLLHATTANS STAD's revenue?
    Trollhattans stad's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is TROLLHATTANS STAD's company size?
    Trollhattans stad's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is TROLLHATTANS STAD's official website? is official website of Trollhattans stad.