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  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +880 1700-711270
  • Website

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People working in Transsion

Rahul Gaur
Head Of Quality Management... **********@*******
Samwel Kangau
Head Cashier *************@*******
Molham Allah
Software Test Engineer Team... ************@*******
- Vp
VP ****@*******
Mir Alam
Team leader ********@*******
Christian Sudibyo
Vice President *****************@*******
Franck Luo
Regional Marketing head North... **********@*******
Oscar C
Regional Head Marketing Operations... *******@*******
Manhas Omesh
E-Commerce / eB2B Head... ************@*******
Muhammad Khan
Head of Digital &... ****@*******
Nishit Prajapati
State Head ****************@*******
Jitendar Vivo
Team Leader *************@*******
Aryan Bisht
Head of Production Department... ***********@*******
Ammar Stash
Head of HR Russia... ***********@*******
Mohamed Abdelfatah
Sales Team Leader ******************@*******
Tamoor Arif
Regional Head North ***********@*******
Mohamed Nagy
Itel mobile Team leader... ************@*******
Oscar C
Regional Head Marketing Operations... *******@*******
Mahes Varan
L4 Head ***********@*******
Muhammad Ijaz
Head of Planning and... *************@*******
Brahim Amine
Team Leader ************@*******
William Wang
Design Leader ************@*******
Issam Gacem
Head Of Human Resources... ***********@*******
Chandra Gujjeti
Branch Head - Rest... ***************@*******
Amani Hassanen
Head of Human Resources... **************@*******
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Products & Technologies used at Transsion

Technology Stack used at TRANSSION
Communication Mobile Data analysis Operations Media
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Products used at TRANSSION
Sap Oracle pms Sap Next
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  • Module Federation
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  • HTTP/3

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Frequently asked questions about Transsion

  1. What does TRANSSION's do?
    ,,,TECNOitelInfinix,OraimoSyinixCarlcare ,20191.37, IDC,8.1%,;52.5%,;6.8%,;15.6%, African Business(20206)2019/2020,TECNOitelInfinix52127 2019,5005005002019930, ,,1,500,,, ,Carlcare2,000(),7FacebookOrange, (OS),HiOSitelOSXOS(OS),OSOS, ,,,51,000 ,70
  2. What are Transsion's specialities?
    Telecommunication , Mobile , , Internet
  3. What is TRANSSION's industry?
    Transsion operates in Telecommunications industry.
  4. What is TRANSSION's HQ phone number?
    Transsion's HQ Phone number is +880 1700-711270
  5. What is TRANSSION's revenue?
    Transsion's revenue is 1b+
  6. What is TRANSSION's company size?
    Transsion's has 10000+ people working.
  7. What is TRANSSION's official website? is official website of Transsion.