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The Kute Group was the manifestation of the visionary excellence and untiring efforts of two gentlemen i.e. Mr. Suresh Kutes father and uncle. Beginning its commercial journey in the year 1950 the Kute Group has braved all odds, overcome every obstacle and paved a solid foundation for the business to prosper in future. Mr. Suresh Kute was fortunate to find a mentor and a guide in his father and uncle as they imbibed in him progressive values, enterprising skills, and nurtured the qualities of a successful entrepreneur. Following their footsteps, Mr. Suresh Kute took the reins of the family business in his capable hands. Under his leadership, corporate vision, dynamism, and missionary zeal the Kute Group reached the epitome of success. A commercial venture that once had a humble start had grown to become a million-dollar business with several verticals. The success story of Kute Group remains incomplete without applauding the contribution of Mrs. Archana S. Kute (Managing Director). Her strong resolve and efforts to ensure commercial success of the group enshrined in the sustained improvement in organization performance which has also improved the awareness of various brands that the group markets. As a responsible social entity, The Kute Group has the ambition of rendering the best products and service to society. It aspires to grow and fulfill its commercial goals along with the betterment of general populace, society, and country at large. Due to its exceptional service, the Kute Group has become an emblem of repute and trust. Within a brief span of little more than 60 years its product verticals had an impressive expansion which now features organic edible oils i.e. TIRUMALLA, and oil cake thanks to its efficient network of Oil Mills and Oil Refineries. Moreover, the Kute Group has made its mark in manufacturing and at present, it is a dominant player in automobile engineering with its three engineering ventures in the famed auto hub of Walju MIDC View More

People working in The Kute Group

Cs Upasani
Company Secretary **********@********** ********4118
Amit Bankhele
Head HR *************@********** ********4830
Suresh Kokare
Head Taxation *************@********** ********8715
Suyog Magar
Plant Head ***********@********** ********5218
Amar Dighe
Assistant Vice President **********@********** ********2528
Mahadeo Dabhade
Vice President ***************@********** ********4931
Suyog Magar
Plant Head ***********@********** ********6565
Soumitra Chatterjee
Plant Head *******************@********** ********6105
Prashant Musale
operation head ***************@********** ********5498
Archana Kute
Managing Director ************@********** ********6118
Ashish Patodekar
Director ****************@********** ********6038
Sharad Kale
Brand Manager ***********@********** ********4007
Anthony Tangalik
Shipping opperations managerwith kute... ****************@********** ********9350
Ganesh Dhamke
Senior Sales Officer *************@********** ********9178
Vikram Patil
Team Lead Manager ************@********** ********1856
Aatish Jadhav
Area Sales Manager *************@********** ********5813
Ganesh Kshirsagar
Assistant Manager *****************@********** ********1476
Rajeshwaran Natarajan
General Manager *********************@********** ********4088
Bhupendra More
Purchasing Manager **************@********** ********7311
Bhaskar Shinde
Plant Manager **************@********** ********4446
Harshala Desai
Account Officer **************@********** ********5957
Vinod Chaugule
Assistant Manager HRBP **************@********** ********8414
Pradeep Mahale
Sales And Marketing Specialist... **************@********** ********0486
Suresh Mahalingam
Area Sales Manager *****************@********** ********5278
Satish Mishra
Senior Sales Officer *************@********** ********6753
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Products & Technologies used at The Kute Group

Products used at THE KUTE GROUP
Surveys 360 Root Canvas Director Google analytics Pulse Wordpress Jquery Animate Outlook
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Frequently asked questions about The Kute Group

  1. What does THE KUTE GROUP's do?
    The Kute Group was the manifestation of the visionary excellence and untiring efforts of two gentlemen i.e. Mr. Suresh Kutes father and uncle. Beginning its commercial journey in the year 1950 the Kute Group has braved all odds, overcome every obstacle and paved a solid foundation for the business to prosper in future. Mr. Suresh Kute was fortunate to find...
  2. What is THE KUTE GROUP's industry?
    The kute group operates in Food & beverages industry.
  3. What is THE KUTE GROUP's revenue?
    The kute group's revenue is 501m - 1b
  4. What is THE KUTE GROUP's company size?
    The kute group's has 10000+ people working.
  5. What is THE KUTE GROUP's official website? is official website of The kute group.