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Tesco Corporation Logo

Tesco Corporation

Oil & Energy

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact
  • Website

Tesco Corporation is now part of Nabors Industries. Follow the Nabors Industries company page or visit for the latest news and updates View More

Top Drive Drilling... Casing Tubing Running... Deepwater Completions Certified Pre-Owned Top... Tubular Services Aftermarket Sales Services... Recertification Top Drives... Catwalks Casing Accessories Centralizers Reaming Shoes View More

People working in Tesco Corporation

Larry Smith
Small Business Owner l**********@******** ********5428
Mariam Awan
Owner m**********@******** ********2026
Aloni A
Owner a*****@******** ********1098
Surabhi Sringa
Business Owner s*************@******** ********0463
San San
Company Owner s******@******** ********1384
Removing Gt
Shop Owner R**********@******** ********7987
Removing Gt
Shop Owner R**********@******** ********2843
Blbl Blbl
Business Owner b********@******** ********5773
Naeem Kk
Shop Owner n*******@******** ********9455
Aloni A
Owner a*****@******** ********7788
Janos Szabo
Business Owner j**********@******** ********6936
Kate Hill
Chief Executive Officer k********@******** ********3675
John Bernabe
Chief Executive Officer j***********@******** ********4373
Sue Thouless
Customer Service Representative s***********@******** ********8031
Benjo Bunny
CEO b**********@******** ********8247
Georgia Huffen
Customer Service Assistant g*************@******** ********9067
Bladimir Ortiz
Chief Executive Officer b*************@******** ********8889
Miki Martinez
Representante del servicio de... m************@******** ********3972
Julio Quintana
CEO j*************@******** ********9681
Jive Harris
Chief Financial Officer j**********@******** ********6685
Jcoupe Boogsness
Chief Executive Officer j***************@******** ********5847
Raihan Hossain
Chief Executive Officer r*************@******** ********9180
John Boyle
VP CASING DRILLING j*********@******** ********1230
Mr John
President m******@******** ********2997
Carlos Alanis
Shop lead c************@******** ********8534
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Products & Technologies used at Tesco Corporation

Products used at TESCO CORPORATION
Azure Coldfusion
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Frequently asked questions about Tesco Corporation

  1. What does TESCO CORPORATION's do?
    Tesco Corporation is now part of Nabors Industries. Follow the Nabors Industries company page or visit for the latest news and updates
  2. What are Tesco Corporation's specialities?
    Top drive drilling system sales rentals , Casing tubing running , Deepwater completions , Certified pre-owned top drivces , Tubular services , Aftermarket sales services , Recertification top drives , Catwalks , Casing accessories , Centralizers , Reaming shoes
  3. What is TESCO CORPORATION's industry?
    Tesco corporation operates in Oil & energy industry.
  4. What is TESCO CORPORATION's revenue?
    Tesco corporation's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is TESCO CORPORATION's company size?
    Tesco corporation's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is TESCO CORPORATION's official website? is official website of Tesco corporation.