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Tamimi Group


  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact
  • Website

This is the official account for Tamimi Group of Companies View More

Construction Maintenance Operations Catering Food retail Marine & offshore... commercial Infrastructure Real Estate Development Investments Power industrial View More

People working in Tamimi Group

Syed Alam
Chief Information Officer S********@************* ********9575
Amro Fouad
CEO tcc co tamimi... A*********@************* ********8839
Ashik Khan
Head Waiter A*********@************* ********7679
Animesh Bagh
Head CookArabicIndianContinental A***********@************* ********0295
Mark Alonzo
Housekeeping Team leader M**********@************* ********1180
Dharma Debnath
Head cook D*************@************* ********0209
Iqra False
HR Lead TAFGA QATAR... I***@************* ********9063
Milan Kundu
Head BakeryTamimi company m**********@************* ********9282
Shabbir Haider
Procurement Lead S*************@************* ********7849
Sajjad Lajami
GR SECTION HEAD S************@************* ********3546
Mohammed Hussaini
Group Human Resources Director... M****************@************* ********8837
Nawras Alhamwi
Project Management Office A... N*************@************* ********7375
Yazeed Altamimi
Director Of Marketing Y**************@************* ********8086
Josephin Joseph
Health Safety Environment Supervisor... J**************@************* ********9952
Engr Manzoor
Civil Supervisor E***********@************* ********5877
Devichand Ohal
Project Manager D*************@************* ********3827
Adeel Bajwa
Assistant Banquet Manager A**********@************* ********0216
Faisal Sheikh
Senior Manager Projects F************@************* ********9733
Cipriano Torrefiel
Janitorial Supervisor C*****************@************* ********0203
Abdullah Ali
HR Manager A***********@************* ********6997
Ronald Dsa
QAQC Manager R*********@************* ********6426
Dr Ali
Environmental ExpertManager D*****@************* ********4576
Faisal Sayeed
Safety Supervisor F************@************* ********4935
Jamshaid Nazir
Janitorial supervisor J*************@************* ********6246
Shahid Tareen
Project Manager S************@************* ********3236
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Frequently asked questions about Tamimi Group

  1. What does TAMIMI GROUP's do?
    This is the official account for Tamimi Group of Companies
  2. What are Tamimi Group's specialities?
    Construction , Maintenance , Operations , Catering , Food retail , Marine & offshore , Commercial , Infrastructure , Real estate , Development , Investments , Power , Industrial
  3. What is TAMIMI GROUP's industry?
    Tamimi group operates in Construction industry.
  4. What is TAMIMI GROUP's revenue?
    Tamimi group's revenue is 1b+
  5. What is TAMIMI GROUP's company size?
    Tamimi group's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is TAMIMI GROUP's official website? is official website of Tamimi group.