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Sunderland City Council

Government Administration

  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +44 191 561 1850
  • Website

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People working in Sunderland City Council

Toni Sambridge
Principal Planner Development Control... **************@*********** ********9249
Amanda Burbridge
Principal Surveyor ****************@*********** ********7544
Nicola Watkins
Hospitality Team Leader **************@*********** ********0511
Rachel Cameron
Principal Auditor **************@*********** ********6762
Karen Mcfarlane
Assistant Head Teacher ***************@*********** ********7866
Peter Vaughan
Principal Auditor *************@*********** ********9967
Renee Lindsay
Principal Accountant *************@*********** ********4386
Paul Mcmi
Cargo Team Leader *********@*********** ********2710
Andrew Seekings
Head of programme office... ***************@*********** ********2985
Liz Scribbins
Deputy head *************@*********** ********8787
Peter Nicol
Team leader ***********@*********** ********7048
Andy Simblett
Team Leader Welfare Rights... *************@*********** ********0532
Karen Potts
Assistant Head ***********@*********** ********3377
Lynn Beresford
Principal Adoption Worker **************@*********** ********9362
Emma Oneil
EYFS Leader **********@*********** ********9267
Mike Lowe
Principal Conservation Area *********@*********** ********1844
Jill Watson
Principal Adoption Officer ***********@*********** ********3348
Keith Lowes
Head of Planning and... ***********@*********** ********6617
Leanne Moses
Team Leader Payroll Pensions... ************@*********** ********5941
Toni Sambridge
Principal Planner **************@*********** ********0533
Mark Kerr
Assistant Head *********@*********** ********4769
Adam Wilson
Principal Surveyor ***********@*********** ********9710
Gary Clasper
Principal Planner ************@*********** ********1241
Dennis Napier
Assistant Head of Financial... *************@*********** ********5633
Rachael Forbister
Principal Development Officer *****************@*********** ********8858
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Products & Technologies used at Sunderland City Council

Technology Stack used at SUNDERLAND CITY COUNCIL
Communication Assessment Accessibility Active directory Collaboration Compliance Continuous improvement Customer service Data quality Directory Fax Financial Infrastructure Link Measurement Media Networking Operations Payroll Privacy
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Next Director Access Air Apprentice Aws Beacon Board Coldfusion Excel Forums James Links Marc Microsoft office Pass Pe Safe Sap Spine
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Frequently asked questions about Sunderland City Council

  1. What does SUNDERLAND CITY COUNCIL's do?
    News, events and general information from Sunderland City Council
  2. What is SUNDERLAND CITY COUNCIL's industry?
    Sunderland city council operates in Government administration industry.
  3. What is SUNDERLAND CITY COUNCIL's HQ phone number?
    Sunderland city council's HQ Phone number is +44 191 561 1850
  4. What is SUNDERLAND CITY COUNCIL's revenue?
    Sunderland city council's revenue is 1b+
  5. What is SUNDERLAND CITY COUNCIL's company size?
    Sunderland city council's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is SUNDERLAND CITY COUNCIL's official website? is official website of Sunderland city council.