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Civil Engineering

  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +1 617-631-7390
  • Website

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People working in Stantec Consulting

Phillip Crouse
Principal Engineer **************@***** ********8454
Drew Leff
Principal *********@***** ********1809
Bret Gillis
Principal ***********@***** ********8826
Sean Ennis
Vice President Mining **********@***** ********2579
Mike Kennedy
Executive Vice President ************@***** ********2701
Sean Ennis
Vice President Mining **********@***** ********6471
Dan Lepage
Office CAD LeaderSenior Designer... **********@***** ********8706
Eric Theriault
Principal **************@***** ********0466
Harold Perrin
Vice President *************@***** ********0361
Raymond Hache
Principal Geotechnical Engineer *************@***** ********1107
Brett Stewart
Head of Programme Technology... *************@***** ********4631
Robert Dickie
Senior Principal *************@***** ********4797
John Marion
Project ManagerTeam Leader Telecommunications... ***********@***** ********8351
Mike Pittenger
Principal **************@***** ********8811
Karen Mathers
Senior Project Manager Environmental... *************@***** ********3117
John Wieser
Senior Principal and Discipline... ***********@***** ********4203
John Krug
Principal Environmental Infrastructure *********@***** ********1726
Tony Colagiovanni
US West Deputy Regional... *****************@***** ********1582
Brad Frizzell
Principal *************@***** ********0852
Larry Dionne
Senior Principal Environmental Services... ************@***** ********0242
David Walmsley
Principal Environmental Management **************@***** ********7713
Scott Argent
Vice President Regional Leader... ************@***** ********4760
Rob Simm
Senior Vice President ********@***** ********5194
Paul Hames
Principal **********@***** ********7273
Gary Poole
Principal **********@***** ********1351
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Products & Technologies used at Stantec Consulting

Technology Stack used at STANTEC CONSULTING
3d modeling Accessibility Accreditation Active directory Analytics Angular Angularjs Ar Arcgis Archiving Assessment Audio-visual Audit B2b Bacnet Bgp Bi Billing Bim Cad
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3ds max Access Acrobat Adobe illustrator Adobe indesign Advance design Air Ansible Arcgis Asp Aws Azure Basecamp Butler Calibre Ceridian Cisco Clustering Compressor Couchdb
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Frequently asked questions about Stantec Consulting

  1. What does STANTEC CONSULTING's do?
  2. What is STANTEC CONSULTING's industry?
    Stantec consulting operates in Civil engineering industry.
  3. What is STANTEC CONSULTING's HQ phone number?
    Stantec consulting's HQ Phone number is +1 617-631-7390
  4. What is STANTEC CONSULTING's revenue?
    Stantec consulting's revenue is 1b+
  5. What is STANTEC CONSULTING's company size?
    Stantec consulting's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is STANTEC CONSULTING's official website? is official website of Stantec consulting.