Building Materials

  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +961 4 546 870
  • Website

SODAMCO SAL is a building materials company based out of Sodamco Building Main Road, Hosrayel, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon View More

People working in SODAMCO SAL

Emmanuel Jacquot
General Manager *********@*********** ********2198
Marwan Nour
Commercial Manager *******@*********** ********8226
Georges Younes
maitenance supervisor ********@*********** ********4725
Ghina Elia
Senior Accountant ******@*********** ********1002
Youssef Amine
Sales Engineer ********@*********** ********4130
Jean Marroun
Maintenance Technician *****@*********** ********6648
Remie Rwayheb
Accountant ******@*********** ********9076
Georges Maghazli
Laboratory Technician ********@*********** ********4882
Shahil Abdulla
Sales Representative *******@*********** ********8348
Faiswal Batte
Maintenance ********@*********** ********1916
Lama Kabalan
Collections Coordinator *****@*********** ********7157
Joseph Faddoul
Stock Controller *******@*********** ********8893
Khaled Majed
Sales Representative *******@*********** ********8177
Youssef Aoun
Sodamco ********@*********** ********5481
Ziad Hnein
accounting *****@*********** ********5402
Yaser Mohamad
tchiber ******@*********** ********7792
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Products & Technologies used at SODAMCO SAL

Products used at SODAMCO SAL
Aws Pimcore Beacon Max Chromium Drupal Chrome Origin Safari Gos Cms
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  • Varnish

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  • Amazon Web Services
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  • HSTS

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Frequently asked questions about SODAMCO SAL

  1. What does SODAMCO SAL's do?
    SODAMCO SAL is a building materials company based out of Sodamco Building Main Road, Hosrayel, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon
  2. What is SODAMCO SAL's industry?
    Sodamco sal operates in Building materials industry.
  3. What is SODAMCO SAL's HQ phone number?
    Sodamco sal's HQ Phone number is +961 4 546 870
  4. What is SODAMCO SAL's revenue?
    Sodamco sal's revenue is 1b+
  5. What is SODAMCO SAL's company size?
    Sodamco sal's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is SODAMCO SAL's official website? is official website of Sodamco sal.