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  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +971 2 644 5515
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Headquartered in the thriving metropolis of Dubai, Shakespeare and Co. is proud to have been conceived and developed in the UAE in 2001. Our goal is simple: to serve great quality food and provide friendly and efficient service in a warm atmosphere reminiscent of home. We have grown into 35 company-owned and operated outlets in the United Arab Emirates with 12 franchised outlets in Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq and the United States. We continue to build on that success through the passion and dedication of our team and the loyalty of our customers who inspire us to improve and evolve. The cafe restaurant represents the core of our business. While every restaurant is distinctly Shakespearean, each restaurant is unique in terms of colours, decor and layout that differentiate us from cookie cutter concepts. We have our very own in-house design team and every piece of furniture and every fixture is handcrafted in our workshops. This emphasis on design has distinguished Shakespeare and Co. from its competitors. In 2007, Shakespeare and Co. added patisserie to its repertoire and it has proven to complement the business flawlessly. Our impressive selection of pastries, viennoiserie, petit fours, macaroons and marshmallows are all produced in our state-of-the art pastry kitchen and delivered fresh to each outlet every morning. The success of our cafe restaurant and patisserie divisions led to creation of our catering division in 2010. Inspired by our discerning customers who wished to bring a touch of Shakespearean flair to their events, we specialise in small to mid-sized events, delivering the same quality and diversity of dishes featured in our restaurant menu. Shakespeare and Co. ventured into handmade gourmet chocolates in 2011. Various flavours of dark, milk and white chocolate are handmade and hand wrapped in our pastry kitchen. Our pastry chef creates little pieces of heaven using only the finest ingredients with no additives or preservatives View More

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People working in Shakespeare and Co

Mabel Daisy
Fb Head waitress cum... *************@**************** ********0756
Paul Molina
Head Waiter ***********@**************** ********0772
Ysabelle Marie
Head Waiter *****************@**************** ********0348
Monikant Sinha
Head Waiter **************@**************** ********6647
Arjay Ganalon
Head Waiter *************@**************** ********4285
Lwanga Elvis
Head Waiter ************@**************** ********5161
Ceaser Semaganda
Head Bartender ****************@**************** ********2883
Lakmaal Kanchana
Head Waiter ****************@**************** ********2046
Kyomugisha Grace
Head Waiter ****************@**************** ********1694
Junayed Hossen
Head Barista **************@**************** ********0556
Dean Yarborough
Vice President of Business... ***************@**************** ********5057
Satish Kumar
Head Waiter ************@**************** ********7202
Annjanette Balisbis
Head Waitress *******************@**************** ********5932
Arun Yadav
Head Waiter **********@**************** ********8670
Head Waitress ***@**************** ********3808
Precy Culiat
head waiter ************@**************** ********5525
Shafayet Hossain
Head Waiter ****************@**************** ********5962
Hussain Saeed
Head Waiter *************@**************** ********2563
Pramesh Khatri
Head Waiter **************@**************** ********7074
Erone Nambatya
Head Waiter **************@**************** ********8602
Madina Namusobya
Head Waiter ****************@**************** ********1293
Ngwanah Bethuel
Head Waiter ***************@**************** ********8073
Craig Woods
Vice President ***********@**************** ********0130
Pramesh Khatri
Head Waiter **************@**************** ********1550
Mfm Fayas
Head Waiter *********@**************** ********0485
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Products & Technologies used at Shakespeare and Co

Technology Stack used at SHAKESPEARE AND CO
Radio Troubleshooting Continuous improvement Automotive Communication Test equipment Protection Operating procedures Packaging Testing Warehousing Financial Forecasting Operations Data analysis Accessibility Fax Database
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Products used at SHAKESPEARE AND CO
Mass Workplace Safe Root Hex Access Yarn Excel Word Tank Next Resin Sheets Epicor Microsoft excel Amazon connect Shopify Beacon Jquery Stars
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Frequently asked questions about Shakespeare and Co

  1. What does SHAKESPEARE AND CO's do?
    Headquartered in the thriving metropolis of Dubai, Shakespeare and Co. is proud to have been conceived and developed in the UAE in 2001. Our goal is simple: to serve great quality food and provide friendly and efficient service in a warm atmosphere reminiscent of home. We have grown into 35 company-owned and operated outlets in the United Arab Emirates with...
  2. What are Shakespeare and Co's specialities?
    Cafe restaurant , Patisserie , Chocolates , Catering , Franchise
  3. What is SHAKESPEARE AND CO's industry?
    Shakespeare and co operates in Food & beverages industry.
  4. What is SHAKESPEARE AND CO's HQ phone number?
    Shakespeare and co's HQ Phone number is +971 2 644 5515
  5. What is SHAKESPEARE AND CO's revenue?
    Shakespeare and co's revenue is 501m - 1b
  6. What is SHAKESPEARE AND CO's company size?
    Shakespeare and co's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  7. What is SHAKESPEARE AND CO's official website? is official website of Shakespeare and co.