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  • Revenue 101M - 500M
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +91 22 2646 2350
  • Website

Manufacturing of high-end bed linens under the Sarita Handa brand as well as private label bedding for many US and European companies View More

People working in Sarita Handa

Prarthana Dev
Retail Head Sales Marketing... *********@********* ********3307
Deep Saxena
Assistant Vice President Operations... ****@********* ********7573
Patricia John
Head of Product Development... ********@********* ********7808
Ameet Guptaa
Head Of Ecommerce *****@**** ********7375
Suparna Handa
executive director *******@**** ********0137
Miguel Malabuyo
Director of Marketing ******@********* ********5761
Suvinay Kapoor
Executive Director *******@********* ********0634
Ravin Tyagi
Senior Manager *****@********* ********4588
Dinesh Yadav
Senior Consultant ******@********* ********7847
Kp Singh
Operations Manager **@********* ********9350
Nabarun Dutta
senior manager marketing *******@********* ********1193
Bhati Dhli
Production Supervisor *****@********* ********1293
Aamir Shaikh
Sales Manager *****@********* ********7881
Rajnish Sharma
Project Manager *******@********* ********4533
Abdesh Kumar
Maintenance Supervisor ******@********* ********3557
Anil Gangwani
Assistant Manager ****@********* ********5402
Ompal Yadav
Sourcing Specialist *****@********* ********0277
Mahesh Trivedi
Manager IT ******@**** ********8277
Sujith Sg
Welding Supervisor ******@********* ********1143
Meer Saood
Manager ****@********* ********5239
Sarita Handa
Senior Manager ******@********* ********7787
Gaura Batra
Senior Brand Manager *****@********* ********1025
Rita Keswani
Supervisor ****@********* ********3824
Rashmi Pundir
Sr Manager ******@********* ********0337
Parvez Tyagi
Project Manager ******@********* ********9120
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Products & Technologies used at Sarita Handa

Technology Stack used at SARITA HANDA
Operations Calibration Accreditation Compliance Operating procedures Continuous improvement Inventory management Risk Sampling Communication Financial Pearl
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Products used at SARITA HANDA
Whatsapp Jquery Magento Links Access Safe Workplace Mass Word Excel Lamp Firefox Canvas Opera Chrome Safari
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Frequently asked questions about Sarita Handa

  1. What does SARITA HANDA's do?
    Manufacturing of high-end bed linens under the Sarita Handa brand as well as private label bedding for many US and European companies
  2. What is SARITA HANDA's industry?
    Sarita handa operates in Textiles industry.
  3. What is SARITA HANDA's HQ phone number?
    Sarita handa's HQ Phone number is +91 22 2646 2350
  4. What is SARITA HANDA's revenue?
    Sarita handa's revenue is 101m - 500m
  5. What is SARITA HANDA's company size?
    Sarita handa's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is SARITA HANDA's official website? is official website of Sarita handa.