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Saiham Textile Mills Ltd


  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +880 2222-263323
  • Website

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People working in Saiham Textile Mills Ltd

Syed Gafur
General Manager ****@**** ********6931
Sourav Banik
Quality Specialist ******@**** ********4214
Kmsabuj Ahmed
Executive Officer *******@**** ********8306
Ismail Mamun
Asst Manager ***********@*********** ********6083
Md Shahjalal
Digital Marketing Manager **@**** ********9774
Syed Abdul
General Manager ****@**** ********0352
Muhammad Mostafa
Manager ********@**** ********0347
Nurul Islam
Executive Officer *****@**** ********0573
Mushfiqur Rahman
Sr Manager Maintenance *********@**** ********6566
Neyamat Khusru
Deputy Manager *******@**** ********4707
Kamal Hossain
Accounts Officer *****@**** ********3060
Md Hossain
Senior Executive of Accounts... **@**** ********2819
Mdabuzar Hossain
Project engineer ********@**** ********2311
Mohon Bosak
Engineer *****@**** ********3128
Mamun Khan
Textile Engineer *****@**** ********9197
Abed Ali
Accountant ****@**** ********5162
Md Taslim
Professional Freelancer **@**** ********1835
Mdtaslim Hossain
Professional Freelancer ********@**** ********4435
Syed Salim
Self Employed ****@**** ********1894
Ahmed Imam
Assistant *****@**** ********0245
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Products & Technologies used at Saiham Textile Mills Ltd

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Frequently asked questions about Saiham Textile Mills Ltd

  1. What does SAIHAM TEXTILE MILLS LTD's do?
    Saiham Textile Mills Ltd
  2. What is SAIHAM TEXTILE MILLS LTD's industry?
    Saiham textile mills ltd operates in Textiles industry.
  3. What is SAIHAM TEXTILE MILLS LTD's HQ phone number?
    Saiham textile mills ltd's HQ Phone number is +880 2222-263323
  4. What is SAIHAM TEXTILE MILLS LTD's revenue?
    Saiham textile mills ltd's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is SAIHAM TEXTILE MILLS LTD's company size?
    Saiham textile mills ltd's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is SAIHAM TEXTILE MILLS LTD's official website? is official website of Saiham textile mills ltd.