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PSG College of Technology, an ISO 9001:2000 certified institution is one of the foremost institutions founded by the PSG & Sons Charities Trust (1926). The College was established in the year 1951 and the Founders wisely decided to locate it in the same campus as the PSG Industrial Institute for effective industry-institute interaction. The PSG College of Technology is situated at about 8 km from Coimbatore Railway Station and 5 km from Airport. The campus is spread over 45 acres of land, economically utilized for the College, Hostels, Staff Quarters, Play Fields and Gardens. PSG College of Technology, under the guidance of illustrious Managing Trustees Sri G R Govindarajulu, Dr G R Damodaran, Sri G Varadaraj, Sri G R Karthikeyan, Sri V. Rajan, Sri G.Rangaswamy and presently under Sri L Gopalakrishnan, all with foresight and far reaching vision, has been in the forefront of innovation in technical education. The founder Principal Dr G R Damodaran was instrumental in the planned growth of the institution from the humble beginnings in 1951 to the present status of a world-renowned technological institution. Dr G R Damodaran was succeeded by Dr R Subbayyan, Dr K Venkataraman, Dr A Shanmugasundaram, Dr S Subramanyan, Dr P Radhakrishnan and Dr S Vijayarangan as Principals. Presently Dr R Rudramoorthy is Principal. The College today has a student strength of about 8518 with 15 engineering and technology departments besides the computer applications, management sciences, basic sciences and humanities departments. Among the various Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate programmes offered by the college, as many as 18 programmes were accredited in the year 1997 itself by the National Board of Accreditation of AICTE. The departments are greatly benefited by the expertise of more than 15 visiting faculty from renowned institutions and industries. Each department conducts annually at least one National / International Conference / Seminar / Workshop for effective diss View More

People working in PSG College of Technology

Naveenraj Rajapandian
Secretary Information Technology Association... *********@***** ********0985
Karthik Boppana
Secretary Ramanujan Association of... *******@***** ********1965
Vinod Balakrishna
Head RoboticsAutomation *****@***** ********5886
Mahesh Venkatachalam
Professor head ******@***** ********6018
Nivetha Km
Joint Secretary Apparel and... *******@***** ********5022
Neelakrishnan Subramanyan
Professor and Head *************@***** ********9866
Vinod B
Head Robotics Automation Engg... *******@***** ********7361
Vinod Balakrishna
Head Robotics and Automation... *****@***** ********6674
Somasundaram Moorthy
Physical Director ************@***** ********2580
Somasundaramoorthy S
Physical Education Director ********************@***** ********8038
Hodped Ct
Physical Education Director ******@***** ********9906
Vairamani Cse
IT Project Manager *********@***** ********8633
Balakrishnan Ramasamy
Purchase Officer ************@***** ********9872
Sathees R
Training and Development Specialist... *********@***** ********8172
Athiyaman Kanagasabapathy
Consultant Food Services *********@***** ********2388
Siva Rama
Training officer ****@***** ********7836
Adas Kowalewski
manager ****@***** ********9133
Abde Sid
Sales Manager ****@***** ********5291
Csea Psg
Organization Manager ****@***** ********3395
Ravikumar Rangaraj
Digital Marketing Manager *********@***** ********4307
Sujith K
Training Officer ********@***** ********0412
Antonysamy Jayapragasam
ManagerCoEWTAutomated welding for specific... **********@***** ********9239
Psg Kriya
Marketing Manager ***@***** ********6160
Kavin Sk
Account Manager *****@***** ********5045
Siva Kumar
Human Resources Manager ****@***** ********4770
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Google analytics
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Frequently asked questions about PSG College of Technology

  1. What does PSG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY's do?
    PSG College of Technology, an ISO 9001:2000 certified institution is one of the foremost institutions founded by the PSG & Sons Charities Trust (1926). The College was established in the year 1951 and the Founders wisely decided to locate it in the same campus as the PSG Industrial Institute for effective industry-institute interaction. The PSG College of Technology is situated...
  2. What is PSG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY's industry?
    Psg college of technology operates in Textiles industry.
  3. What is PSG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY's revenue?
    Psg college of technology's revenue is 101m - 500m
  4. What is PSG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY's company size?
    Psg college of technology's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  5. What is PSG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY's official website? is official website of Psg college of technology.