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Financial Services

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +44 1634 848944
  • Website osb.co.uk

With a central mission to provide fair financial solutions to all, OSB Group is a specialist lending and retail savings group serving the UK, Jersey and Guernsey, and is authorised by the PRA, part of the Bank of England, and regulated by the FCA. With a heritage dating back over 150 years, OSB floated on the London Stock Exchange in June 2014 and joined the FTSE 250 one year later. 2019 marked an exciting period of growth with the combination of OSB and Charter Court Financial Services, taking The Groups individual brands to 13, including Kent Reliance, Precise Mortgages, InterBay Commercial, Heritable Development Finance, and Charter Savings Bank. OSB Group focuses its specialist lending activities on selected sub-sectors of the lending market in which it has an established presence and expertise. These include private rented sector buy to let, commercial and semi-commercial mortgages, residential development finance, bespoke and specialist residential lending, secured funding lines and asset finance. Predominantly funded by retail savings originated through online and direct channels, The Group originates almost all of its organic lending through specialist intermediaries. Its differentiated through its use of highly skilled, bespoke underwriting and efficient operating model. The majority of the Groups administrative support functions are performed by its wholly owned operations in Bangalore, India. View More

People working in OSB Group

Matthew Dickens
Head of Legal ***************@***.co.uk ********9739
Richard Simister
Head of Lending Products... ****************@***.co.uk ********5710
Lyndsey Styles
Group Head of Liquidity... **************@***.co.uk ********5240
Simon Reed
Group Head of Savings... **********@***.co.uk ********9946
Kirsty Harrop
Group Head of Programmes... *************@***.co.uk ********3505
Scott Godwin
Underwriting Team Leader Post... ************@***.co.uk ********0573
Julie Palmer
Credit Risk Quality Assurance... ************@***.co.uk ********7616
Les Davies
Head of Treasury **********@***.co.uk ********9554
Gemma Cemaps
Underwriting Team Leader ************@***.co.uk ********4192
Kellie Smith
Head of Commercial Finance... ************@***.co.uk ********5666
Leeanne Marston
Underwriting Processing MI Team... ***************@***.co.uk ********8138
James Forth
Head Of Sales Precise... ***********@***.co.uk ********5816
Emma Thompson
Head Of Marketing Operations... *************@***.co.uk ********2573
Drew Scott
Group Head of Transformation... **********@***.co.uk ********7258
Roger Cripps
Head of Commercial Development... ************@***.co.uk ********7485
Steve Attree
Head of Secured Finance... ************@***.co.uk ********8543
Wendy Hough
Group Head of IT... ***********@***.co.uk ********7175
Claire Cooper
Head of Operational Continuity... *************@***.co.uk ********5500
Dawn Heffernan
Savings Team Leader **************@***.co.uk ********3508
Nick Wilson
Underwriter Team Leader ***********@***.co.uk ********5269
Johannah Simmons
Payments Team Leader ****************@***.co.uk ********0788
Victoria Sircar
Head Of Digital ***************@***.co.uk ********6677
Hayley Fairbrother
Underwriting Team Leader ******************@***.co.uk ********3684
Rehan Shaikh
Group Head of Infrastructure... ************@***.co.uk ********6023
Richard Chandler
Head of Risk Operations... ****************@***.co.uk ********4125
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Products & Technologies used at OSB Group

Technology Stack used at OSB GROUP
Risk Access management Active directory Analytics Assessment Audit Bi Change control Change management Collaboration Compliance Continuous improvement Continuous improvements Corrective action Customer service Cyber security Data analysis Data governance Data management Data quality
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Products used at OSB GROUP
Asp Azure Director Excel Intranet Ledger Microsoft excel Microsoft office Microsoft word Portal Power bi Powerpoint Servicenow Teamwork Visio Vmware Windows 10 Windows server 2012 Word Wps
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Frequently asked questions about OSB Group

  1. What does OSB GROUP's do?
    With a central mission to provide fair financial solutions to all, OSB Group is a specialist lending and retail savings group serving the UK, Jersey and Guernsey, and is authorised by the PRA, part of the Bank of England, and regulated by the FCA. With a heritage dating back over 150 years, OSB floated on the London Stock Exchange in...
  2. What is OSB GROUP's industry?
    Osb group operates in Financial services industry.
  3. What is OSB GROUP's HQ phone number?
    Osb group's HQ Phone number is +44 1634 848944
  4. What is OSB GROUP's revenue?
    Osb group's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is OSB GROUP's company size?
    Osb group's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is OSB GROUP's official website?
    www.osb.co.uk is official website of Osb group.