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  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +84 28 3825 5777
  • Website

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People working in Nutifood Vietnam

Huy Phan
Costing leader *****@********* ********7259
Tuan Pham
VP Sales *****@********* ********6631
Son Trung
Business Development Director ******@********* ********8038
Le Xuong
HR director ******@********* ********5720
Loc Le
deputy general director ***@********* ********6318
Trang Vuong
Director Of Information Technology... ******@********* ********4079
Nhung Tran
Planning and Logistic Director... *****@********* ********0349
Chien Pham
Marketing Director *****@********* ********1150
Quan Nguyen
Production Manager *******@********* ********1584
Van Quyen
technical consultant ******@********* ********8754
Tri Tran
Brand Manager *****@********* ********9953
Dee Dee
Manager of Sales **@********* ********2400
Thu Nguyen
Logistics Manager *******@********* ********0451
Hang Le
marketing manager ***@********* ********7110
Nguyen Li
recruitment deputy manager ***@********* ********5397
Truc Nguyen
assistant brand manager *******@********* ********8035
Le Quoc
Logitic manager *****@********* ********0839
Nguyen Thanh
Senior Research And Development... ******@********* ********6573
Hien Thanh
Unit Sales Manager *******@********* ********2525
Phat Vo
IT Team Lead DMS... ***@********* ********4617
To Hung
Sales Manager *****@********* ********1538
Son Nguyen
Sales Specialist *******@********* ********6812
Le Hung
logitA c manager *****@********* ********6887
Bao Anh
manager ****@********* ********0842
Ang Hien
Assistant Brand Manager *****@********* ********6381
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Products & Technologies used at Nutifood Vietnam

Products used at NUTIFOOD VIETNAM
Google analytics Animate Flex Jquery Mass Next
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Frequently asked questions about Nutifood Vietnam

  1. What does NUTIFOOD VIETNAM's do?
    Customized nutrition solutions for Vietnamese people
  2. What is NUTIFOOD VIETNAM's industry?
    Nutifood vietnam operates in Dairy industry.
  3. What is NUTIFOOD VIETNAM's HQ phone number?
    Nutifood vietnam's HQ Phone number is +84 28 3825 5777
  4. What is NUTIFOOD VIETNAM's revenue?
    Nutifood vietnam's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is NUTIFOOD VIETNAM's company size?
    Nutifood vietnam's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is NUTIFOOD VIETNAM's official website? is official website of Nutifood vietnam.