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  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +44 1865 301200
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Noble Foods is a leading supplier of fresh food brands to major retailers and consumers. The UKs leading supplier of fresh eggs to the major retailers and each week they individually grade, pack and deliver over 72 million eggs for their customers. The origins of Noble Foods can be traced back to the early 1920s, when a young man called William Dean collected eggs from small holders and sold them door to door around the Tring area of Hertfordshire. In the decades following, William Dean and his family successfully grew their business and also began to acquire new businesses. Throughout that time they had a clear outlook and did not just see themselves as egg packers, more as innovative egg marketers! The desire for acquisition and innovation carried on into the latter part of the century and in 1988 the Dean family also purchased Goldenlay, along with Dell & Hardie in 1997. The early part of the 21st century also saw the acquisition of Daylay and then Freshlay. In 2006 the then owner of Stonegate, Michael Kent, acquired half the business forming the Noble Foods we know today. Noble Foods have also established the happy egg company., which is currently the UKs largest free-range egg brand. The philosophy of the happy egg company. is to put the welfare of the hens first and have won several awards for their commitment to hen welfare, including The Good Egg Award from Compassion in World Farming in July 2011. Noble Foods have now widened their portfolio to include the premium desserts category, in February 2010 Noble acquired GU Puds. The Noble Foods brand portfolio currently includes: the happy egg company. Purely Organic Heritage Breeds Big & Fresh Gu View More

People working in Noble Foods Ltd

Beatrice Willis
Team Leader ***************@********** ********1881
Paul Morris
Head of Sales Grocery... ***********@********** ********0643
Hasan Akhtar
Team leader ************@********** ********4929
Matt Davis
Head Of Marketing **********@********** ********9131
Chris Wright
Head Of Sales ************@********** ********5140
Andrew Mcguirk
Packaging Coordinatorwarehouse team leaderflt... **************@********** ********2599
Matt Troop
Team Leader **********@********** ********7494
Vaidas Snieckus
Team Leader ***************@********** ********0022
Damien May
Engineering Team Leader **********@********** ********3444
Noman Ejaz
Team leader **********@********** ********7881
Andrew Sharman
Group Head of IT... **************@********** ********3370
David Simpson
Engineering Team Leader *************@********** ********2348
Rob Newell
Head of Brand Marketing... **********@********** ********8412
Sarah Lupton
Payable Team Leader ************@********** ********5887
Rebecca Douthwaite
Head of Finance Operations... ************@********** ********5148
Christopher Cooper
team leader ******************@********** ********9238
Nikki King
Head of HR Noble... **********@********** ********6057
Sarah Howard
Head of Technical ************@********** ********7509
Louisa Hogarty
Group HR Director **************@********** ********5922
Andrew Joret
Group Technical Director ************@********** ********2865
Stock Vidur
Managing Director ***********@********** ********4071
Atul Dhingra
Director ************@********** ********8647
William Cadbury
FinanceProcurement Director ***************@********** ********6179
Trudi Ryan
Non Executive Director **********@********** ********4248
Mike Baldwin
Managing Director Egg Products... ************@********** ********2140
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Products & Technologies used at Noble Foods Ltd

Technology Stack used at NOBLE FOODS LTD
Packaging Communication Route Payment Risk Vehicle safety Financial Automotive Payroll Mobile Food safety Quality assurance Wi-fi Security Compliance Troubleshooting Operations Assessment Audit Ar
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Products used at NOBLE FOODS LTD
Safe Next Kate Word Origin Chrome Root Tracker Gos Beacon Chromium Max Safari Canvas Google analytics Access Nice cxone Microsoft office Taste Excel
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Frequently asked questions about Noble Foods Ltd

  1. What does NOBLE FOODS LTD's do?
    Noble Foods is a leading supplier of fresh food brands to major retailers and consumers. The UKs leading supplier of fresh eggs to the major retailers and each week they individually grade, pack and deliver over 72 million eggs for their customers. The origins of Noble Foods can be traced back to the early 1920s, when a young man called...
  2. What is NOBLE FOODS LTD's industry?
    Noble foods ltd operates in Food production industry.
  3. What is NOBLE FOODS LTD's HQ phone number?
    Noble foods ltd's HQ Phone number is +44 1865 301200
  4. What is NOBLE FOODS LTD's revenue?
    Noble foods ltd's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is NOBLE FOODS LTD's company size?
    Noble foods ltd's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is NOBLE FOODS LTD's official website? is official website of Noble foods ltd.