Defense & Space

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  • Size 10000+
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NAVWARs mission is to identify, develop, deliver and sustain information warfare capabilities and services that enable naval, joint, coalition and other national missions View More

People working in NAVWAR

Bart Hodlik
Principal SystemsMechatronics Engineer ***********@********* ********5594
Nicole Ramos
Principal Assistant Program Manager... ************@********* ********0417
Jason Samarin
Principal Software Engineer *************@********* ********4523
Robert Taylor
Principal Planning Manager *************@********* ********8158
Kevin Carlson
50D Mission Assurance Directorate... *************@********* ********1133
Nichole Sellers
Head Of Department ***************@********* ********8572
David Caray
Deputy DirectorPrincipal Test Director... ***********@********* ********6037
Robert Thornton
Data Center and Cloud... ***************@********* ********9956
Jasper Johnson
Principal Cyber Security Engineer... **************@********* ********2779
Andres Otero
Principal Assistant Program Manager... ************@********* ********8972
Bryan Dennie
Cybersecurity Department Head ************@********* ********3134
Robert Weaver
NAVWAR Digital Engineering Lead... *************@********* ********1646
Shannon Dillon
TACCOMS Principal Assistant Program... **************@********* ********7134
Andrea Coleman
NWCF Branch Head **************@********* ********1914
Jack Heckerman
Shore Branch Head **************@********* ********4218
Cara Tague
Branch Head **********@********* ********7641
John Komlosy
NIWC Pacific Program and... ************@********* ********5267
Cindy Ledesma
Contracting Officer Branch Head... *************@********* ********2703
Todd Trahan
Modernization Principal Assistant Program... ***********@********* ********1765
Mike Ferrell
Tactical Data Link Test... ************@********* ********6457
Alicia Roedell
Director Of Operations **************@********* ********5906
Karen Rainville
Director Of Operations ***************@********* ********6636
Hank Osborne
Director of Cybersecurity ************@********* ********6327
Brent Dessing
Deputy Director of Contacts... *************@********* ********0711
Wes Smith
Test Director *********@********* ********0797
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Frequently asked questions about NAVWAR

  1. What does NAVWAR's do?
    NAVWARs mission is to identify, develop, deliver and sustain information warfare capabilities and services that enable naval, joint, coalition and other national missions
  2. What is NAVWAR's industry?
    Navwar operates in Defense & space industry.
  3. What is NAVWAR's revenue?
    Navwar's revenue is 1b+
  4. What is NAVWAR's company size?
    Navwar's has 10000+ people working.
  5. What is NAVWAR's official website? is official website of Navwar.