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  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +358 50 5811455
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Musti Group is the leading Nordic pet care company that operates an omnichannel business model to cater for the needs of pets and their parents across Finland, Sweden and Norway. Musti Group offers a wide, curated assortment of pet products View More

People working in Musti Group

Emma Wallin
Head of Customer Experience... ***********@******** ********1848
Tommy Berndtsson
Head of Development ****************@******** ********9155
Tiina Korvenoja
Head of Digital Front... ***************@******** ********1661
Anu Hujala
Head of Pureplay Member... *************@******** ********5220
Nanna Martin
Group HR CSR Director... ***************@******** ********7106
Noora Hanninen
Customer Service Specialist **************@******** ********7276
Mirva Ritala
Product Specialist ************@******** ********2718
Hedda Emilie
Assistant Manager **********@******** ********3139
Charlotte Laimani
Group Campaign Manager *****************@******** ********6088
Vilhelm Sodergard
Service Manager ITInfrastructure *****************@******** ********0853
Teemu Vuohensilta
Assortment Manager *****************@******** ********6796
Elina Koivulampi
ERP Service Manager ****************@******** ********9898
Linda Lonnroth
Customer Service Specialist **************@******** ********6223
Sandra Norrman
Customer Success Specialist **************@******** ********9855
Anu Heikkila
Group Category Manager ************@******** ********1648
Emma Ollinmaa
Product Group Manager *************@******** ********4511
Nina Salmi
Group Sourcing Manager **********@******** ********4556
Katri Vainio
Product Manager ************@******** ********5890
Niko Vahtola
Assortment Manager ************@******** ********9766
Paulina Wennstrom
Customer Service Specialist *****************@******** ********5286
Sarah Gustafsson
Ecommerce Manager Sweden ****************@******** ********5446
Mikko Juvonen
Group Purchasing Manager *************@******** ********9621
Janica Raudasoja
Animal Training Specialist ****************@******** ********1637
Anna Heiskanen
Customer Service Specialist **************@******** ********2955
Kristiina Moilanen
Product and sourcing manager... ******************@******** ********0821
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Products & Technologies used at Musti Group

Products used at MUSTI GROUP
Root Board Typekit Flex
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Frequently asked questions about Musti Group

  1. What does MUSTI GROUP's do?
    Musti Group is the leading Nordic pet care company that operates an omnichannel business model to cater for the needs of pets and their parents across Finland, Sweden and Norway. Musti Group offers a wide, curated assortment of pet products
  2. What is MUSTI GROUP's industry?
    Musti group operates in Retail industry.
  3. What is MUSTI GROUP's HQ phone number?
    Musti group's HQ Phone number is +358 50 5811455
  4. What is MUSTI GROUP's revenue?
    Musti group's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is MUSTI GROUP's company size?
    Musti group's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is MUSTI GROUP's official website? is official website of Musti group.