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Mosae Zorggroep

Hospital & Health Care

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +31 900 7774777
  • Website

Mosae Zorggroep is vanaf 1 september 2020 opgegaan in Sevagram. Volg ons op LinkedIn-pagina van Sevagram... View More

People working in Mosae Zorggroep

Bas Walraven
manager ************@***** ********7199
Marcus De castro
verzorgende ig *************@***** ********9166
Vesna D
Helpende *******@***** ********5864
Katja Notten
ll verzorgende ig ************@***** ********3763
Marga Frijns
wijkverpleegkundige ************@***** ********3081
Bert Kicken
verzorgende ig ***********@***** ********8793
Stephanie Boschini
Helpende ******************@***** ********3719
Denise Veth
Coordinator Mantelzorg ***********@***** ********1125
Dion Schrijnemaekers
Verzorgende ********************@***** ********6621
Veerle Vanfraussen
Verpleegkundige ******************@***** ********9598
Joyce Koch
Verzorgende ig **********@***** ********9778
Monique Lahou
Helpende *************@***** ********7133
Christa Coenen
zorghulp **************@***** ********2071
Dje Jessy
appartement *********@***** ********6638
Bram Van de langenberg
raad van bestuur ***************@***** ********2312
Jeffrey Ridder
Nurse **************@***** ********2146
Chris Molken
Teamleider hoteldiensten *********@***** ********3001
Thijs Verlinden
Coordinator VGWadviseur inzetbaarheid ***************@***** ********9338
Miriam Gunther
helpende **************@***** ********0096
Charlotte Gemmeke
inkoopcoordinator *****************@***** ********4789
Robin Cuijpers
zorghulp **************@***** ********0982
Monique Heugen
VerzorgendeIG **************@***** ********6752
Nicole Storms
wmo *************@***** ********9354
Margo Jongen
verzorgende ************@***** ********4348
Lianne Bouwens
Activiteitenbegeleidster **************@***** ********8324
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Frequently asked questions about Mosae Zorggroep

  1. What does MOSAE ZORGGROEP's do?
    Mosae Zorggroep is vanaf 1 september 2020 opgegaan in Sevagram. Volg ons op LinkedIn-pagina van Sevagram...
  2. What is MOSAE ZORGGROEP's industry?
    Mosae zorggroep operates in Hospital & health care industry.
  3. What is MOSAE ZORGGROEP's HQ phone number?
    Mosae zorggroep's HQ Phone number is +31 900 7774777
  4. What is MOSAE ZORGGROEP's revenue?
    Mosae zorggroep's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is MOSAE ZORGGROEP's company size?
    Mosae zorggroep's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is MOSAE ZORGGROEP's official website? is official website of Mosae zorggroep.