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Mercer Logo


Human Resources

  • Revenue 11M - 100M
  • Size 2 - 10
  • HQ Contact +212 3455000
  • Website

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People working in Mercer

Julio Portalatin
CEO j***************@***** ********8989
Macaire Pace
West Market CEO m***********@***** ********3456
Mark Anderson
Head of Complaints m************@***** ********6847
Peter Lacherdis
Client Service Officer p**************@***** ********6080
Kacie Randolph
Sevice Delivery Specialist k*************@***** ********0394
Fatima Mbenga
Client Service Administrator f************@***** ********7710
Tom Geraghty
CEO t***********@***** ********6846
Kristina Kolata
Service Delivery Specialist k**************@***** ********2943
Diogo Alarcao
CEO d************@***** ********9662
Jasmine Viera
Customer Service Representative j************@***** ********9789
Sanya Mandani
Client Service Officer s************@***** ********3292
Mari Leon
Client Service Officer m********@***** ********5757
Nishihata Hironori
CEO n*****************@***** ********9972
Hideki Mayuzumi
PA Leader h**************@***** ********0877
Sam Hall
Director s*******@***** ********6684
Matthew Pukel
Principal m************@***** ********6949
Kent Ip
HR Leader K******@***** ********6338
Tina Shah
CFO Thomsons Online Benefits... t********@***** ********9812
Hiroshi Nagai
President h************@***** ********2051
Sudhanshu Jain
Project Lead s*************@***** ********2356
Andrea Paxton
Principal a************@***** ********8805
Cheryl Walsh
Director Solutions Delivery c***********@***** ********5244
Adrian Dennis
Client Services Director -... a************@***** ********3475
Nadia Welsh
Investment Specialist - On-boarding... n**********@***** ********8464
Tomohiro Kimura
Manager t**************@***** ********4283
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Products & Technologies used at Mercer

Technology Stack used at MERCER
Accessibility Analytics Angular Assessment Audit Automated unit testing Cad Change management Client service Collaboration Communication Compliance Financial Git Http Integration testing Internet Js Link Measurement
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Products used at MERCER
Aem Root Access Adobe experience manager Asp Calibre Confluence Cycles Excel Flight Intranet Marketo Microsoft excel Microsoft word Oracle Origin Powerpoint Salesforce Visit Word
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Frequently asked questions about Mercer

  1. What does MERCER's do?
    leosys ltd
  2. What is MERCER's industry?
    Mercer operates in Human resources industry.
  3. What is MERCER's HQ phone number?
    Mercer's HQ Phone number is +212 3455000
  4. What is MERCER's revenue?
    Mercer's revenue is 11m - 100m
  5. What is MERCER's company size?
    Mercer's has 2 - 10 people working.
  6. What is MERCER's official website? is official website of Mercer.