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  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
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People working in Merced County

Lynn Nicholas
Secretary III *************@************ ********5807
Anna Mayorga
Secretary ********@********* ********1989
Teresa Haley
secretary ******@********* ********1231
Joe Jr
Peer Leader *****@********* ********9038
Peggy Vejar
Deputy Director Parks and... ******@********* ********6436
Mark Hendrickson
Director of Community and... ************@********* ********2928
Kathy Hassett
Director ********@********* ********0023
Brianna Rightnour
Medical Director **********@********* ********5135
Steven Maxey
Deputy Director of Community... ******@********* ********7649
Chris Kraushar
Assistant Director Merced County... *********@********* ********9809
Yadi Meraz
Assistant Director of Public... ******@********* ********4226
Roemhildt Shermaene
Deputy Director **********@********* ********0998
Reynaldo Campanur
Deputy Director Economic Development... *********@********* ********0866
Sharon Robinson
Assistant Mental Health Director... *********@********* ********7614
Sharon Trejo
Director Department of Child... ******@********* ********8763
Yvonnia Brown
Director ******@********* ********6799
Yadira Vazquez
Assistant Public Health Director... ********@********* ********9492
James Pichner
Assistant Airport Manager ********@********* ********1182
Maria Rosie
Child Development Specialist **@********* ********2246
Michelle Allison
Program Manager ********@********* ********2140
Meredith Craig
Office Supervisor ******@********* ********7242
Donald Washburn
Retirted Assistant Manager It... *********@********* ********2128
Judy Harney
County Office Supervisor *******@********* ********8778
Glenn Galman
County Veterans Services Officer... *******@********* ********5449
Sommer Moniz
Deputy County Executive Officer... ******@********* ********6882
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Products & Technologies used at Merced County

Technology Stack used at MERCED COUNTY
Automotive Communication Compliance Customer service Database Financial Http Operations Presence Privacy Protection Radio Route Security Spreadsheet
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Products used at MERCED COUNTY
Acs Air Ignition Lamp Motion Next Office assistant Perception Safe Word Links Board Blogger Pages Rwd Asp Corona Jquery Google analytics Froala editor
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Frequently asked questions about Merced County

  1. What does MERCED COUNTY's do?
    Merced County, California
  2. What is MERCED COUNTY's industry?
    Merced county operates in Government administration industry.
  3. What is MERCED COUNTY's revenue?
    Merced county's revenue is 501m - 1b
  4. What is MERCED COUNTY's company size?
    Merced county's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  5. What is MERCED COUNTY's official website? is official website of Merced county.